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Jimmy Clare

Jimmy Clare

Clubs played for: Chelsea, Charlton Athletic (1980-1982)

Born: 1959

Birthplace: Islington

Position: Forward

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Clare, Jimmy Started to play with Jimmy in early 90s. Class player who had the world at his feet but chose the George best life and the footballer that was gazza esk was no more. Years later, tried to relive the glory days over marshes but couldn’t hit a barn door at times.
24-02-23 Terry

Clare, Jimmy Me and Jimmy were best mates from the age of 13 to roughly about 22, when I last saw him play for Charlton reserves. We used to play for the school team which was Sir William Collins, Rowstock and Camden together. His wife then was Terry. Would love to meet up again be good to see Ray and Les as well.
04-04-22 les barr

Clare, Jimmy Jimmy and I lived on the same council estate in Islington and he was my best friend. He moved to a different area when we were about 10 and we slowly lost touch. I have fond memories of our friendship and I knew his family quite well. I recall his brothers Raymond and Leslie and his mum and dad were lovely. We used to have sleepovers at his home and mine. When it came to football however he was a genius leaving a trail of us kids on our backsides as he skipped around us. I always remember him being a bit of a magnet for the girls as well!
20-11-21 John O’Leary

Clare, Jimmy A message for Jake. Any chance to put me in touch with your uncle (Jimmy Clare) please?
22-12-20 Robert Weeks

Clare, Jimmy I went to school with Jimmy. Ecclesbourne, and Sir William Collins. Jimmy was a great footballer just like to know how he is today hope he is well.
27-08-20 paddy delaney

Clare, Jimmy Jimmy is now 60 he is my uncle and a loving one
18-01-20 Jake

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