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John Holsgrove

John Holsgrove

Clubs played for: Crystal Palace, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Sheffield Wednesday, Stockport County, (1964-1975).

Born: 1945

Birthplace: Southwark

Position: Central defender

Biography: Worked as a financial advisor in the West Midlands before moving back south now lives in Bagshot, Surrey, works in the library for the Ministry of Defence in Aldershot, also has a second home in Malaga.

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Holsgrove, John I remember, as a 9-year-old, seeing John cleaning his car in Burland Avenue Wolverhampton on a Sunday morning. I spotted him and told my Dad who was driving our car. We were staying at my grandparents for the weekend who lived on the same road we lived in Manchester and were season ticket holders at the Wolves. When we got to my grandparents my dad said take your rattle down to him and see if he will sign it. I will give you a letter explaining who we are etc. So off I went, scared stiff, knocked on his door gave him the letter he invited me in and showed me all his cups really lovely gentleman. A week later he delivered the rattle to my grandparent's house and he got the whole Wolves team to sign it. I am 63 now, still have the rattle, and still follow Wolves. Thanks, Mr Holsgrove. Kind regards. Robin
02-08-22 Robin Lloyd-Williams

Holsgrove, John Went to Walworth Comprehensive with John. Always remember him as a great footballer but lousy in the gym. I am not really a soccer fan but followed your career with great interest. Glad to see that soccer runs through your family. All the best from Perth, Australia

20-07-22 Stephen Comrie

Holsgrove, John I saw John playing for Sheffield Wednesday. A bloody good centre half, he was very competent. Glad to hear he is doing well.
13-03-22 Seansullivan1952@gmail.com

Holsgrove, John Ron chambers is correct- John was 10 years older than me and whilst not a fan of soccer i was so pleased to hear johns name as l was just about to turn the Telly off for the night l stayed up and watched the match- went to bed with the hump when John scored a own goal! Pleased to see he made a living from doing what he loved for so many years though
31-08-20 Roy crompton

Holsgrove, John I remember John at Wolves. A very good player who would be worth a lot of money these days.
17-07-20 allan harrison

HOLSGROVE, John I remember John, when he was 16 or so - tall and slim - practicing with a tennis ball by kicking it against the side wall of the block of flats where he lived.

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