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Graham Knight

Graham Knight

Clubs played for: Gillingham, Maidstone United. (1970-1980).




Biography: Still lives locally and was working as a delivery driver for a local newspaper.

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Knight, Graham Graham was/is a great chap, He used to look after me like a brother.

I was bloody hard work, mum and dad could not care where I was.

Graham made me the person who I am now, I have made a living from football.

I was into drugs and alcohol, missing for days, Graham took me into Stafford police station at 3-15am on Christmas morning 1987. Emptied my pockets of drugs and cash, and left me with the desk Sargent. I had 6 months in prison, Graham picked me up, the next six months were hell, Graham worked me very hard, but I/we made the big time.

Thank you Graham Knight
03-05-23 David

Knight, Graham Well, where do I start with a great coach Graham was born blind and prove everybody wrong you took up swimming at an early age by this time he had a glass eye. Graham moved to Shropshire, took his coaching badge at Lillshall trainer coach at Telford United was let down by a number of occurring things. Dagenham football club advance to assistant manager. One hell of a guy.
23-03-23 David

Knight, Graham Graham was/is lovely man, work so hard with me and in 1995 I made my league debut. I will never forget Graham you believe in me, and I was bloody hard work. See you in July. Thank you so much.
07-03-23 Steve

Knight, Graham Graham spends much of his time in Essex now, had many operations on his eye. Love’s Leigh-on-Sea, and walk’s a lot by the sea. So frustrated that home town club Southend United just a downward spiral. Was very impressed with Dagenham Redbridge football club last season great season. We believe even at age of 72, Graham has been offered three or four jobs, In some capacity at football clubs.

Knight, Graham GRAHAM was at England game at Middlesbrough on Sunday 6th June 2021. We had drink at his hotel, I know of two English clubs who have spoken to him. GRAHAM said to me Miami sun no frost or UK winter? Well liked by the Staff and players on that Sunday evening, GRAHAM was with Peter (Pete) Williams, Sunderland, Preston, Derby, and Forest goalkeeper coach
07-06-21 Steve

Knight, Graham Graham. Real character everybody likes him never too cocky always got time for everybody. Excellent coach one-on-one individuals learn a lot. management skills are unbelievable, Would walk into any club but some Chairmen I’m just looking for egos. Graham and I have have been friends for 44 years.
13-05-21 Peter Williams

Knight, Graham My father thought the world of Graham. At Telford United and in the US. Graham was a one eyes trainer/coach in about 1973 at Telford United. Lovely man time for everyone, made big impression in Florida. We contact each other about every 6/8 weeks.
07-09-20 I Spavin

Knight, Graham I know Knighty for many years. What great man, nice company the biggest P taker you will ever know. By the way Knighty had 8 opos in last 4 years. Not one moan.
09-08-20 Micky T

Knight, Graham Graham lives Miami, having coached and working in soccer USA for many years. The move to the USA happen because he was sacked in the loo, at Dagenham FC.

16-10-19 Pete Willias

Knight, Graham Two Graham Knight's The Dagenham coach has worked and lived in Florid for many years...Was offered a coach position in Championship but turn it down. The frost in Miami, his house is on the breach, bbq's in November. Graham has had many eye operation in last few years, still great company well resected and very good coach. Was I right Graham was sacked at then Dagenham FC in the Gents toilets
02-09-19 Pete Williams

Knight, Graham Now a coach at Dagenham FC

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