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Tony Macedo

Tony Macedo

Clubs played for: Fulham




Biography: Tony Macedo was a lad from Malta in the 50's. A goalkeeper who played many years for Fulham. Oustanding young acrobatic lad. Do not know where he is now but was a very good Goalkeeper.

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Macedo, Tony I am quite certain that Tony Macedo played for Durban City, in South Africa as a goal keeper in the 1969-1970’s.
24-04-23 Ramesh Sheodin

Macedo, Tony I believe Tony went to St Edmunds sec mod school in Fulham, as did I.
27-02-23 Tom Conlom

Macedo, Tony I am Tony’s second cousin. My dad and his were cousins. I am 4 years younger than Tony and he would take me to matches at the cottage and I would sit on wooden benches alongside the running track around the pitch. I played a bit myself and the local papers mentioned I was about to be given a trile at Chelsea to which my dad went mad saying no way was I going to be a footballer like Tony because the maximum wage was 20 pounds and your career was virtually over in your early thirties! I’m any case the following I had my leg badly broken in a tackle and that was effectively the end of my football aspirations. At home matches I sometimes walked with Tony and Alan Mullery from Tony’s home to Craven Cottage. I was a good friend at the time with George Cohens brother Peter. We would play in the same Sunday team and play snooker at least a couple of times at the snooker hall just over the Fulham side of Putney Bridge. Later in life I learned of Peter’s son Ben playing rugby for England and winning the rugby World Cup just like his uncle George had won the football World Cup.
24-12-22 Jim Macedo

Macedo, Tony I too remember Tony from square bashing days at RAF Bridgenorth in Jan/February 1957 and sitting with him on the train to Wolverhampton which I joined in Northampton and which he would have started on from Euston.
15-10-22 John Sargeant

Macedo, Tony I can remember getting Tony’s autograph after every home game. Queued in all weathers to take home another treasured possession. What a great keeper he was. He’s still my idol. God bless you Tony.
05-09-22 Steve Byford

Macedo, Tony Apparently Tony Macedo married my late mum's cousin & I have a photo I found. She was a tall blonde lady & possibly a model at the time. I remember being told Tony & his wife moved to South Africa & had 2 boys. My mum & her sister were Beryl & Jenny Tyler before they were married & lived in Evelyn Gardens, Kensington. I would love anymore info on the family.
21-02-22 Lesley Bush was Abbott

Macedo, Tony I knew Tony as a player for Monarch FC in Islington, London in 1953/54. I was at that time Manager of the club, at the age of 17. A friend, John Davenport who lived with his family on the same street as me. Marquis Road, NW1. Mr. Davenport (Mick) was a a good friend of Bedford Jezzard and it was through that friendship Tony was introduced to and signed by Fulham F C.
Whilst playing for Monarch FC, Tony was a very good, goal scoring centre forward. I had to leave Monarch FC to do my National Service and lost contact with the team and players. I do remember that Tony had a very attractive sister, who helped to increase the number of supporters we got.
16-03-21 Brian Oldbury

Macedo, Tony I did basic training (square Bashing)at RAF Bridgenorth in January/Feb 1957 with Tony. Our beds were next to one another in a what at times was a freezing cold billet but still seemed to have plenty of laughs most of the time. I think he made his debut for Fulham and got weekends off while there
01-02-21 Gerry Mobbs

Macedo, Tony Definitely born in Gibraltar - as was my mother.
Many Gibraltarians were evacuated to the UK when Gib was taken over as a strategic military stronghold in 1940. At the end of the war repatriation was high on the agenda - but Gib was considered too overcrowded and the process was not completed until 1951. Almost 700 Gibraltarians found themselves housed in a Fulham Road hostel for a few years after the war until eventual repatriation. Does anyone know whether the Macedos were housed there - and therefore the reason why the Fulham FC link was establishe?. Although an Arsenal supporter myself I saw Tony play many times (Fulham were my second favourite team - aren't they everyone's?) - and he was a top top keeper.
27-11-20 Edward Thibaut

Macedo, Tony I was looking through some old Fulham programmes (early 1963) last night and it mentioned that Tony and his wife would soon be expecting a baby. I was born in 1963 and my Mum has often told me stories of when she used to take me out in my pram she would talk to Tony's wife in Cottenham Park Raynes Park London who was also 'airing her baby' as the country got over the perilous winter of that Dad loved that being a Fulham fanatic as am I.
19-11-20 Neil Alexander

Macedo, Tony My dads cousin is Tony Macedo and my grandparents (from Malaga / La Linea) came to England in 1938. My dad used to go and watch Tony Macedo at Fulham, I am trying to trace some of my family)
31-10-20 julie duran

Macedo, Tony When I joined Fulham as a 15 year old apprentice goalkeeper in the summer of 1961 Tony immediately took me under his wing and was a wonderful mentor. In September 1963 when Tony and deputy Dave Understood were both out of action through injury I was given my First Division debut against Burnley at Turf Moor, unfortunately a 4-1 defeat. Another 4-1 defeat followed in my second game at home to Arsenal who were then managed by Billy Wright. It seemed that at 17 my first team opportunity had come a bit too soon as I made a couple of errors which resulted in goals, but Tony and the press were very sympathetic. In fact, I still have a lovely letter from Tony, written from his bed in St.Stephens Hospital, telling me not to worry about these defeats, that the whole team were having a bad spell at that time and that I had the ability to succeed in the game. He added that he had had a worse experience in an FA Cup semi final against Man United. Words that really cheered me up at the time.

07-09-20 Martin Townsend

Tony I crossed paths with Tony in Germany in RAF National Service. We heard Fulham were flying him home at weekends through some deal with the RAF. I know that he was pretty angry that he could be called up for military service but not eligible to play for England!!
30-08-20 Gordon Harrison

Macedo, Tony I had the great pleasure of meeting Tony Macedo in the strangest place. It was on Monday 9th March 2020. We'd both just had operations & it was my West Ham shirt that got the conversation going. Tony's a very interesting man and I will hopefully catch up with him again sometime soon. He now resides in Australia and is as sharp as a tac. Cheers Tony
28-08-20 Duncan Franklin

Macedo, Tony Tony (Real name Elio) Macedo was born in Gibraltar, not Malta. He played almost 400 games in goal for Fulham FC and gained 10 Under 23 England Caps. He still lives and now resides in South Africa. If you want a photo of him please let me know and I'll send some to you.
24-08-20 Mario Golt

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