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Stuart Pearson

Stuart Pearson

Clubs played for: Hull City, Manchester United, West Ham United.

Born: 1949

Birthplace: Cottingham

Position: Forward

Biography: Nickname PANCHO. Bought by Manchester Utd when they were relegated to 2nd Division. Scored loads of goals in that following 2nd division championship winning season. Scored plenty after that as well in the first division and played 15 times for England. His famous punch in the air after he scored was legendary. My hero. Where is he and what is he doing now?.

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Pearson, Stuart My hero. I used to have my hair like him when I was a kid. Loved his goal celebration. His mate Vinny got me a signed foto of him last year. Had the pleasure of meeting him at OT this season. Top man. Top player
10-07-23 Ian McDonough

Pearson, Stuart My schoolboy hero. What a player he was.
24-03-23 Jimmy Shelton

Pearson, Stuart He likes to play golf, often in south Manchester.

Pearson, Stuart Went to same school as Stuart and was in same year as his younger brother. My mum knew his mother well. We all lived in council houses in those days. Stuart was a good footballer at school and it was no surprise when he did well with Hull City.

11-06-22 Keith houghton

Pearson, Stuart Watched United play at Bristol City many moons ago. He was singled out for a bit of stick . They sang we all agreed Stuart Pearson a w****r. He laughed and pointed to himself and said "what me?". I think they liked him really , everyone did. One United legend I would love to meet. My boyhood hero.
03-05-22 Alan Kent

Pearson, Stuart Worked with you at Palmer Tyres when you were an office boy.
22-04-22 Geoff tindale

Pearson, Stuart Hi. I am 57 now and my idol was and still is Stuart. if there was any chance of Stuart seeing this comment and sending a signed email pic it would make my life... thanks for the memories ....John, Cork, Ireland.
15-04-22 john mcguire

Pearson, Stuart Lives a few doors down from me. Has a property company and lives in a lovely converted barn. Seen him walking his dog with his wife and spoke to him but was only told who it was a few years later. Lovely fella and total legend.

Pearson, Stuart I have a 1980 cup final photo and it’s my dads 90th birthday and Stuart's autograph is the last one I need on the photo for my dad who was at the match.
20-12-21 Lorraine Brazier

Pearson, Stuart I was the head chef at the Amblehurst hotel when Stuart regularly came in for a meal. It was my birthday and he gave me a card and asked to see me. He was a lovely man my favourite player and A great player. How are you Stuart?
22-08-21 Marc Dean

Pearson, Stuart Met Stuart June 6, 1979, when he spent several days in VANCOUVER, B. C. Pancho is a great guy. Wish him well.

Pearson, Stuart OK Stuart - been long time since was in your house in Sale having a coffee with your good lady Sue. I worked for Don Armitage, your next door neighbour. Think you were playing in South Africa at the time. Regards to you and your family
14-03-21 Chris Mullarky

Pearson, Stuart Home to Sunderland won 3- 2 in front of a crowd of 60,000. Pancho scores great times
17-01-21 C. Calvert

Stuart 1978. Two mad lads from the Reading - super MUFC fans - going everywhere and anywhere to see the Reds. Ended up in Tampa of all places watching a friendly game. We were out of money, had no tickets for the game (long story which involved flying to New York with Freddie Laker thinking we could hitch a ride or get the train to Tampa as we did to game in the UK) Anyway, before game, looking in the through the metal gates of Tampa stadium, we saw Stuart and called him. He came over and we told him we had no tickets for the game. He disappeared and moments later returned with a couple of tickets. Much appreciated and much respect, a simple act of kindness that I've never forgotten. Thanks.
07-09-20 Tony Dickenson

Pearson, Stuart Hessle Tranby Camp might not mean much to you but as a small child you and your parents lived there along with my parents and my elder brother and many other familys waiting for housing. A group of them formed Hessle Tranby football team cleared wasteland and marked out their pitch and did reasonably well in the local leagues. There are a couple of pictures that will shortly be posted on Hessle History and Photos group on Facebook My dad told me that you took a shine to my brothers pedal car when my family were housed so left it with you. Would be happy to send these pics if you want 👍
07-09-20 Gary Nixon

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