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Doug Allder

Doug Allder

Clubs played for: Millwall, Leyton Orient, Watford, Brentford. (1969-1979)




Biography: Settled in Hersham and worked in the building trade.

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Allder, Doug Always got it down and played football.
28-05-23 Colin

Allder, Doug Doug is my first cousin and the same age as me. My maiden name is Haskins. We didn’t have much contact growing up but I now live in Atlanta Ga and have a grandson and granddaughter who are both avid soccer players. I brag about them having a professional player relative and they have checked out all his stats. Glad to hear he is doing well.
03-10-21 Judy Shaffer

Allder, Doug Doug probably won’t remember me but we were childhood mates in the 50s early 60’s. His granny and mine were in side by side houses in Kelburn avenue in fairlie. We would meet up once a year during school holidays and be inseparable for 4-6 weeks getting up to all kinds of boy mischief...
I think I can lay claim to teaching him how to kick a ball straight. His mums name was Bunty.
He always talked about wanting to be a pro footballer with Millwall from about 7 years old.
Looks like he got his wish. I live down under in Brisbane now Doug so if you’re ever down this way there’s always a bed here for you. ‘Go the Gunners’. Laurie Hill.
04-05-21 Laurie Hill

Allder, Doug For a reason that I’m unable to explain I’m an Orient fan, but the first twenty or so football matches I attended as a kid were all at The Den. When I was about 7 or 8, my much older cousin (I say « much older » but he was probably only about 21 or 22) started taking me to football, and this coincided with Millwall’s glorious 1971-72 season (I say ‘glorious’, but it actually finished in cruel disappointment, with Orient proving to be little help). I now regularly gets my kids’ names mixed up, but I could recite without hesitation the regular Millwall starting eleven from that 71-72 season (which I shall now do, to prove to myself it can still be done: 1 Bryan King, 2 Brian Brown, 3 ‘Arry Cripps, 4 Alan Dorney, 5 Barry Kitchener, 6 Dennis Burnett, 7 Derek Possee, 8 Gordon Bolland, 9 Barry Bridges, 10 Eamon Dunphy, 11 Doug Allder).
Anyway, in the late 90s I was flying to Tel Aviv from Gatwick. I was wearing a polo shirt with a Leyton Orient crest on it. As I went through the typically very strict security associated with an El-Al flight, one of the security guards tapped the crest on my shirt and said « I used to play for Orient ». Now, Leyton Orient is the sort of club where everyone has « a mate to had a trial at Orient », so I was naturally skeptical. I looked at the guy’s name badge (as people still wore in those days) and it said « Doug Allder ». I told him never mind Orient (I don’t think he’s particularly fondly remembered there), I remembered him from Millwall. And not just any old Millwall team, but Millwall’s greatest ever side (arguably). I then did my trick of reciting the whole 71-72 team.
One of the other security guards asked « Are you serious? You’ve actually heard of Doug? He always tells us he used to be a pro but none of us believe him ». I explained that not only had I heard of him, I’d seen him play numerous times. The security guard then bellowed over to his colleagues « Oi, get over here. There’s a bloke here who reckons he’s seen Doug play! ». So over they all came and I explained that Doug Allder had been a tricky left-winger who, preceding Gordon Hill by a few years, was renowned for his ability to beat his full-back and get a perfect cross in. « He’s shit whenever he’s played in our 5-a-side team » was their response, though I did point out that his prime had been almost thirty years earlier. Meantime, security for the outgoing El-Al flight has seemingly been abandoned as all those tasked with the job of spotting potential Hezbollah hijackers were more concerned about hearing stories of one of Millwall’s finest.
09-09-20 Dave Winter

Allder, Doug I recently built a conservatory for Doug and his wife down in Newton Abbot...Lovely bloke

Allder, Doug Dunno about building trade, but in the late 90s he was working as a security guard at Gatwick.

Allder, Doug Taught him how to head the ball as a 15 year old.He taught me how to kick it,.Norwich City 1 Millwall lost..

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