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Updated: 21-04-24

Hi, does anyone know how I could contact Alan? I have a very old football shirt that he wore and would love a photo of him holding it.


Updated: 21-04-24

Hey, Staners, how are you doing. Wonder if you remember me. Bon Bonne club


Updated: 19-04-24

Remember watching him play for Bristol City in the 70s. Got his autograph outside St Pius Xth church in Hartcliffe in Bristol. A good humble man.


Updated: 19-04-24

A great striker. Watched him play for Durban City. A true gentleman. Sorry to hear he is in a
nursing home.


Updated: 16-04-24

Bullet header scored by Ian when at Northampton against Chesterfield.. still lives in the memory after 30 years !


Updated: 15-04-24

Hope you are still on the planet in Fla, we are getting up there in age now. Lancaster and Skerton school. We live in Annapolis m d. 21404 god bless.


Updated: 11-04-24

Mr Shaw (Stuart) was my PE teacher at Highfield Comprehensive School in Broadgreen Liverpool (1974 to 1979). He was also the manager of the school football team I played for. I loved my Saturday morning fixtures at Thomas Lane playing fields when we were at home and travelling on the coach for away fixtures after meeting at The Gardners Arms pub.
His famous phrase, if in doubt play it out is a phrase that I also used when I became a PE teacher years later.
Great memories Mr Shaw and thank you!


Updated: 11-04-24

I remember him and his flowing blonde locks as he dashed down the field. I was only 8 or so when I first saw him play but he was my favourite player for sure. Seem to remember he was so well dressed. Think he had a men’s clothing shop in Wilde Green


Updated: 11-04-24

I lived next door to David and Pat in Huddersfield. David and his team mates were away on a tour and had left his heavily pregnant wife Pat at home with the heavily pregnant wife of one of his team mates. I answered the door one night to find both ladies standing there one of whom feeling the signs of child birth.

I took both pregnant ladies to the emergency department of the local hospital and came under some heavy scrutiny from the nurses for my percieved association with the two pregnant young ladies.

I was invited to "be with my wife for her examination " which I declined explaining my only function in this process had been to drive the car.


Updated: 08-04-24

My grandma used to live door to him on Stirling Road, Melton Mowbray