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Jim Arnold

Jim Arnold

Clubs played for: Blackburn Rovers, Everton, Preston North End, Port Vale (1979-1986)

Born: 1950

Birthplace: Stafford

Position: Goalkeeper

Biography: Settled in in Stafford and took employment with the local Police Force as a Recreation Officer.

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Arnold, Jim Umpired with Jim Arnold yesterday at church Eaton cricket club. Still looks as if he could keep goal. He still lives in Stafford and umpires in the South Staffs cricket league and national competitions.
24-04-23 Stephen Goold

Arnold, Jim As a kid I played cricket with Jimmy outside our flat on Highfields estate. One day Jimmy and I were involved in a complete accident, when he dived to catch a ball, but caught my shin with his chin. He had caused a fracture in my shin. I had a plaster of Paris from my thigh to my toe on my left leg for 9 weeks.....

05-11-20 Keith Harris

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