Barr, Hugh

Hugh Barr

Hugh Barr

Clubs played for: Wellington Street Boys' Brigade, Harryville Amateurs, Ballyclare Comrades, Cliftonville, Loughborough College, Everton, Coleraine, Ballymena United, Linfield, Coventry City, Cambridge United, Ely City (1954-1972)

Born: 1935

Birthplace: Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Position: Forward

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Barr, Hugh I attended Chesterton boys school from 1966 to 69, when I say attended, that was not strictly true, as I played truant a lot, but never on sport day because of Hugh Barr who coached us in football.

Barr, Hugh Hugh Barr was my teacher when l attended Chesterton Community College Cambridge. I have fond memories of him as my form tutor, teaching me Geography which l had no interest what so ever but as a PE teacher he was fantastic.
09-09-20 Roy Stamp

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