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Colin Barrett

Colin Barrett

Clubs played for: Manchester City, Nottingham Forest, Swindon Town. 1970-1980

Born: 1952

Birthplace: Stockport

Position: Full-back

Biography: A full back, born in Stockport on 3rd August 1952. Barrett started his career with Manchester City in 1970 making 53 appearances before moving to Nottingham Forest in 1976 where he won a league title that season and a League cup medal in 1979. He later played for Swindon before dropping into non league football at Andover. Barrett has since worked as a painter and decorator in the Southwell area.

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Colin I was an apprentice with Colin at Hawker Siddely Woodford as it was then. We used to play football on the airfield at lunch time and one day he came in work and said he had signed for City. I thought he was having me on as I am a big City fan but not long after he was running out at Maine Road, I couldn't believe it.
28-08-20 Alan Dabbs

Barrett, Colin Played in the same team as Colin for Cheshire Boys reaching the final in 1969 which ironically is now 50yrs ago....OMG !!!! Maybe we could track down the other guys and have a reunion...WOW !!!!
07-11-19 Bobby Latham

Barrett, Colin I lived on the same road as Colin in the 60/70’s
My mate Graham lived next door to Colin.
I can remember having a kick about with Colin outside his parents home (we were about 10 years old - so it was roughly 1972)
16-10-19 Keith Riley

Barrett, Colin I played in the same team as Colin at Cheadle Heath Nomads before leaving for Australia in 1972. The one thing that I remembered most about him was the distance he could throw a ball from a throw in regularly clearing the penalty spot very happy memories.

Barrett, Colin I was a Forest fan in the late 70s and found out from someone that Colin Barrett lived in the same village as me, Southwell. Having discovered his house my friend and I summoned up the courage to knock on the door and ask for his autograph. His wife and answered and was very amused. Colin came to the door and signed our posters even though, as he pointed out, he wasn't on them. I have loved him ever since for that simple act of kindness!

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