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Stan Bowles

Stan Bowles

Clubs played for: Manchester City, Bury, Crewe Alexandra, Carlisle United, QPR, Nottingham Forest, Leyton Orient, Brentford (1967-1984)

Born: 1948

Birthplace: Collyhurst, Manchester

Position: Forward/midfield

Biography: He has a reputation as one of the 1970's greatest mavericks confirmed in his autobiography when he lists his greatest pleasures during his playing career as drinking,womanizing & gambling indeed on occasions he did have George Best as a drinking partner.His Carlisle manager Ernie Tagg said 'If he could pass a bookies as well as he passes a football he'd be a very rich man'. He played 315 times for Q.P.R. & won 5 England Caps.He is life Chairman of Q.P.R. Supporters group L.S.A. He has written columns for football & lads magazines as well as being a pundit on Sky Sports.He also makes appearances on the After Dinner Speaker circuit.

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Bowles, Stan I remember the game against Coventry away during that great season.

A lousy day. Raining and very grey.

We had front row seats and Stan had the ball with no options. So he kicked it off an opponents leg into touch.

"Bowles you’re a cxxx" aas shouted at him.
He just picked up the ball. Looked up in the direction where the comment was shouted and replied "yes, and you are a bigger cxxx for paying to come and see me play".

How cool is that.
03-05-23 Brian Brackenbury

Bowles, Stan My hero when I was young. Q.P.R. were amazing during Stan's time there. Bowles, Parkes, Francis, Webb, Mason, Williams... legends.
30-04-23 Will meek

Bowles, Stan He was my hero when I was a young kid even though I didn’t support QPR. Everything about him mesmerised me. His skills, his attitude and the way he responded to rival supporters when they taunted him. Never forget great players!
06-06-22 Mick

Bowles, Stan Stanley Bowles, heavens that’s a while ago! When I was still at school, I remember him and Soapy Hudson. Also, the sound of that kicked wet heavy leather ball used at the time. Happy was the day when my parents could not use their stand tickets and I would go instead. I still keep an eye on your results and full of hope that, before I die, you lads will go up! So, please make every effort to go up a league. At 90 I can not wait much longer! I am unable to watch you play at home anymore with a difficult journey but you still hold my heart. Please get cracking, and get up into next league. There are others like me still with us. Come on lads, you know you can do it! I believe you can do it but cannot wait for ever! Best of luck to you all. Yvonne. Canterbury. Kent
19-02-22 Yvonne Parry

Bowles, Stan I was commercial manager at Leyton Orient from 1979 to 2000. I got to know Stan quite well. He was the perfect gentleman no trouble at all. I wish him well.
13-02-22 FRANK WOOLF

Bowles, Stan Great player. Saw him when he was playing for Leyton Orient. Used to drive a Ford Capri. Good luck Stan. We loved you at the Os. One of our best signings.

Bowles, Stan Stan was QPR. When he moved to Forest to play for Brian Clough, there was no way that Clough would put up with his social habits. He was my son's hero. So sorry to hear of his sad condition. Thanks for the memories Stan.
03-11-20 Richard Bird

Stan I remember as a kid when we were all playing football in Nuthurst Park New Moston and Stan who had got off the bus joined us for a kick around great guy
09-09-20 Dave Morgan

Bowles, Stan Stan Bowles was the best player in my view to have ever pulled on a QPR shirt. Supremely talented and a maverick. His autobiography is a must read for any Rangers fan who remembers the heady days of the mid to late seventies. So sad that he has recently been diagnosed with Alzhimers disease.

Bowles, Stan Met Stan when I worked at Brentford. We became good friends. Stan came with me to do a training session with Bookham Colts. My father in-law made Stan tea. I used to meet up with Stan for a pint and a bet. I want to wish him all the best. I no longer see Stan, I think he moved back to Manchester
David rees

Bowles, Stan Ernie Tagg was manager of Crewe

Bowles, Stan Stan was my son's hero, in the 70's. What a player ! Although he must now be in his 60's, he will still be remembered as a long haired showman. Oh to be young again !!

Bowles, Stan When I was a small child growing up I always remember his name when the results were given out on a Saturday evening and then if I did stop up to watch match of the day he was great.....

Bowles, Stan He was Q.P.R

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