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Mike Brolly

Mike Brolly

Clubs played for: Kilmarnock, Chelsea, Bristol City, Grimsby Town, Derby County, Scunthorpe United, Scarborough, Boston United (1971-1985)

Born: 1954

Birthplace: Kilmarnock, Scotland

Position: Winger

Biography: Recently worked as a science teacher at St Mary's RC High School until the school was closed and has since joined Matthew Humberstone School.

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Brolly, Mike Mike seems to be a legend in my past. A man who ghosted in and out of defenders. A real master mind aided by a goal keeper called Nigel Batch. Remember a game against Europe champion Everton. Were you in the team? Seem to recall....
11-05-22 Colin Drever

Brolly, Mike Absolute legend, funny guy who likes to keep everyone happy. Taught me for science.
02-03-22 kira bancroft

Brolly, Mike Taught me over 15 years ago at St.Mary's school. Will never forget him. Hello Mr Brolly if you ever read this.
10-02-22 Vicky stephenson

Brolly, Mike Mike Brolly currently teaches de Aston school as a science teacher. He is my teacher for my week at school. Great teacher but I never knew he played footie until now.
11-12-21 Anonymous

Brolly, Mike top bloke, well done for keeping all the ions neautrons electrons and protons all together ALFREDDDDDDDDDDDDD
13-09-21 joseph smith

Brolly, Mike Fantastic science teacher and tutor! Literally one of the best and made our school years enjoyable. Top bloke!

Brolly, Mike I used to love him, then he gave me a C in science!


Brolly, Mike Played against Mike in Schools and youth football. The cleanest striker of a ball I ever came across.
20-08-20 Bill McMullen

Brolly, Mike Had a brother who was homeless in Derry and has now died.

Brolly, Mike i think mr brolly is quite cute and i dream about me and him being together
09-06-20 Ashton dawson

Brolly, Mike He used to be my science teacher. I'm in a different class now.
05-03-20 Darren

16-10-19 Josh

Brolly, Mike He is my science teacher at De Aston School currently

BROLLY, Mike He is my tutor at De Aston scool, Market Rasen. Currently we drive him up the wall,

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