Busby, Viv

Viv Busby

Viv Busby

Clubs played for: Wycombe Wanderers, Luton Town, Newcastle United (loan), Fulham, Norwich City, Stoke City, Sheffield United (loan), Tulsa Roughnecks, Blackburn Rovers, York City (1966-1983)

Born: 1949

Birthplace: Slough

Position: Striker

Biography: A striker he played in the Football League between 1970-83. He is best remembered at Fulham where he scored 38 goals in 155 appearances. He played for them when they lost in the 1975 F A Cup Final. He went on to coach at York City between 1982-87. He was manager of Hartlepool United for nine months in 1993. Thereafter he became Youth Team Coach at Swindon Town. He then got diagnosed with leukaemia and spent six months in hospital having treatment which was successful. He became Assistant Manager at York City in 2004 leaving in 2005. After a spell as Academy Director at Gretna he became Assistant Manager at Workington in 2007 where he stayed until 2011. Living in Carlisle at the time he decided with his partner that it was time to retire and move to sunnier climes. They moved to the Costa Del Sol.

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Busby, Viv He was at Fulham on Saturday 31-10-2022
03-11-22 Mark Roberts

Busby, Viv I have a photo of Viv when he was 10 years old, when he escorted me as May Queen at Terriers Primary School. I would love to send him a copy of this photo. Does anyone have his contact details?
22-05-22 Jenny Payne

Busby, Viv I was staying in a hotel in Gibraltar when the Fulham side who had just lost the final turned up. Viv was a nice man and had a lot of time for a 14 year old me.
03-05-21 Mark Hagerty

Busby, Viv My dad, Ronald Turner (now deceased) used to take us to watch Wycombe Wanders and personally knew Viv Busby and Martin Busby. I remember Viv babysitting us when we were very young. I believe he brought a girlfriend with him, but cannot quite remember.
05-02-21 Elaine Turner

Busby, Viv I'm trying to find out if any other people recall Viv's solo goal against Cardiff in August 1974. I still regard this as the best goal I've ever seen and just wonder what others may think and especially Viv if anyone is contact with him.
23-11-20 Howard Bines

Busby, Viv Was delighted to have a few drinks with Viv in Mojaca Sept. 2019. He was in fine spirits and tells a good tale.
12-09-20 Gavin King

Busby, Viv Viv or Buzzer as we called him was an inspiration to me, christened me H which has stuck and he coached our adult team and took trading at Elstow school, I went on thru him to get all my coaching badges, a true gentleman, liked a beer and was a good singer too! Oh and he wasn’t bad at football but he was a top class athlete!
09-06-20 Henry Smith

Busby, Viv Viv is 70 years old today and retired to Spain 6 years ago with his partner Barb Wilde, happy 70th birthday Viv x
12-12-19 Sue Houchard

Busby, Viv Used flip an old penny in the air and catch it on his foot, flip it again and catch it on his knee. Flip it again and catch it on the back of his neck. Finally flip it again and catch it in the top pocket of his jacket.
10-09-19 Martin Weedon

Busby, Viv Viv lived in the same village as me, Wilstead in Bedforshire, while he was at Luton. He used to help train our village team and youth teams, giving up his own free time to do so. I remember him being really encouraging and totally down to earth. I also remember my little sister being very taken with his apparently ‘sexy smile’. I now live in the States, so have no idea how he’s doing. Hopefully living happily in retirement!
01-12-18 John Tricker

Busby, Viv Played with Viv for High Wycombe Polish Club in 1967 before he turned pro. Was also at the same school as Viv and played against him when he was in Wycombe Wanderers reserves. Lovely guy and very brave with what he has had to fight. Hope you are enjoying life in the sun.
Richard porter

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