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Willie Carlin

Willie Carlin

Clubs played for: Liverpool, Halifax Town, Carlisle United, Sheffield United, Derby County, Leicester City, Notts County, Cardiff City (1959-1973)

Born: 1940

Birthplace: Liverpool

Position: Central midfielder

Biography: Midfielder. Former Liverpool youngster who helped Carlisle win promotion to the second division and played in the old First Division with Derby County and Leicester City. Moved to the Island of Majorca to run a bar/restaurant in Cala Bona before returning home to England.

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Carlin, Willie I worked with his brother Frank in Timpsons (Bell Vale)
01-08-23 John Broadhurst

Carlin, Willie Knew willie in Majorca with Jimmy Rigg. Willie might remember us from Carlisle. Ran the pub with family including Donna and son in law.
13-08-21 Alva Rigg

Carlin, Willie I was a trialist at Mansfield Town and when Carlise were the visitors for a league match it was great to see little Willie playing for the visitors and I modelled a lot of my game on his approach, i.e. get stuck-in and never give up during a match. I never made the professional grade but carried on playing until well into my 40s. Willie you were a great player!
09-12-20 Franklin Bishop

Carlin, Willie Went to st.pats with Willie,although he was a year older.the same class has my brother Ray.The last time I saw WIllie back in about 1959/60 when he came to do some work in the Alfred Jones factory,where I think he was apprentice joiner,whilst on Liverpool's books. Syd hughes

31-08-20 Syd hughes

Carlin, Willie I remember him playing for Halifax. He was a brilliant player.
27-08-20 David Smith

Carlin, Willie Remember him being signed for Cardiff from Derby and was a big influence in us staving off relegation. I recall his confidence in dribbling the ball along his own goal line in one game. He retired after that season. Wish he could have stayed on another year.
12-08-20 Philip

Carlin, Willie In the sixties went to watch Derby County play West Ham and we were beaten 4-0.We travelled back on the same train as the Derby team and almost the whole of the journey was spent talking to Willie and Kevin Hector. The following week we were at home,I had a ticket,my friend didn't. Willie said to meet him outside the Baseball ground at a specified time and he'd have a ticket for him. We were there on time more in hope than expectation not really thinking that he would be there, but sure enough Willie appeared with the promised ticket, stopped and had a few words with us and then disappeared into the players entrance to prepare for the match. That would just not happen in this day and age! A great footballer, but most of all, a great human being!
11-08-20 phil

Carlin, Willie I used to visit Willie at his bar in Majorca in my early 20's. A fabulous man who I still see occasionally knocking around Allestree in Derbyshire
19-07-20 David Bedlow

Carlin, Willie Willie is a distant relative of mine. His mother Alice, was my father's cousin. I was sent a nice letter and signed photo of Willie when I was a child.
09-08-19 Frank Thomas

Carlin, Willie When Liverpool let wille go we played in dovecote Park for wille keep fit though summer till he went join Halifax his first match he came up against the great Newcastle utd capt Jimmy scholer who gave him a rough time so much wille lost the plot and got sent off before half time for retaliation tree trunks as scholer was called put his arm round young wille and said you will learn son you was to fast for me and had get you sent off was not your fault. Also remember queuing up for night match at Everton with wille and cally who got his spot at anfield and wille got cally the chance go to the pool great lad's
30-10-18 Bj Fagan

Carlin, Willie I went to st . Patrick's school in liverpool the same school as willie. I used to watch him play in lpool then we would get the bus home the number 26 or 27. His mate was a guy called frank twist, who was a pro at l. F. C .happy days.

Carlin, Willie Williie and I played together for England Boys in 1956.He was at Inside-left myself at Inside-left.Great player lovely lad.

Carlin, Willie Knew Willie when he had a paper shop in Melbourne ,derbys,used to get him rainbow trout from the rivers ,brilliant man ,and great footballer .

Carlin, Willie As a young Derby fan @1970 i loved Willie Carlin. He was a great player in a great team with Les Green, Kevin Hector and Dave Mackay. I thought he was even better than Archie Gemmill. One day my mum found me crying my eyes out on the front door step, and wanted to know what on earth was the matter. Apparently I sobbed, "they've........ sold...... Willie...... Carlin". I'm just about over it now, 48 years later.
David Beard

Carlin, Willie Remember you going to the same school as my sister Joan, and came recently when I brought your name up with a regular visitor to our table tennis club, Paul Carlin, who says you are his uncle. My sister Joan, we lived in Cotter Street, also remembers you and hopes you are keeping well.
George Chellew

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