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Frank Carrodus

Frank Carrodus

Clubs played for: Heys Albion, Altrincham, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Wrexham, Birmingham City, Bury, Witton Albion, Runcorn, Macclesfield Town, Altrincham (1964-1987)

Born: 1949

Birthplace: Cheshire

Position: Winger

Biography: A winger best known for his time at Aston Villa he played in the Football League between 1969-84. He continued playing non league football before getting a job in financial services which he did not like. He set up a Corporate Hospitality business in 1986 and is now Managing Director of the company Choice Events in Hale. It deals with hospitality at major sporting events.

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Carrodus, Frank I met him when I was a Grumbleweed. We had lots of fun for a few years. Last time we spoke we arranged to meet at my hotel. I waited for about 3 hours. Still waiting. It was the days before cell phones. Smashing fellow.
28-07-23 Carl Sutcliffe

Carrodus, Frank Frank and I met in the mid sixties and together with a few other lads from Timperley formed the very successful local amateur club Heyes Albion FC. My father Geoff (Mickey) Warburton ex Man City, West Brom and Altrincham was our manager. He took Frank to Altrincham where he was spotted by Malcolm Alison who signed him for Man City.

Frank and I are still close friends and play crown green bowls, snooker and golf together with about a dozen ex Heyes Albion players from the sixties and seventies.
03-11-22 Bob Warburton

Carrodus, Frank Frank and I used to walk to to Heyes Lane primary together in the 1950s. He could run rings around everyone even at the age of 9. I only ever managed to make 1st reserve in the school team. Frank was a brilliant local hero. Everyone in Timperley was do proud he he made it so big.
02-06-22 Paul Millar

Carrodus, Frank Played 5-a-side against Frank many times when we were at Stockport College around 1969-70. I remember him playing a midweek game for Man City, being marked by Ian Ure, and the following day he came in with his legs black and blue from tackles by the Scottish hardman.
07-11-21 Fiver

Carrodus, Frank Met Frank when I was 18. What a gent and I was a massive blues fan. What a privilege Frank. Hope you are well. I am now 63. good times!

08-08-21 Lin

Carrodus, Frank Remember him well. When Frank scored the goal in our friendly game against Rangers and all their fans invaded the pitch after the game he gave me and my 2 mates a lift back to Tamworth
09-09-20 PaulSturdy

Carrodus, Frank Curious to know where Ann Wheaton is now.
20-01-20 Frank Carrodus

Carrodus, Frank Frank was probably the fittest guy I have ever met. I played in the street with him where we both grew up playing football lamp post using a tennis ball. Great guy , modest, professional and a person who never forgot his footballing roots. A true gent!!
04-10-19 Brian Le Boutillier

Carrodus, Frank Met in St. Lucia in early 70's. Curious to know where Frank is now.
Ann Wheaton

Carrodus, Frank Frank also played for Runcorn in around 1986,in the Conference with Barnet.

Carrodus, Frank Frank now plays Crown Green Bowling for Hale BC, Cheshire in his leisure time.
Brian Marlow

Carrodus, Frank Hi Frank, us old Blues still remember you on the PA when you were introduced at one match as 'And the City substitute is Frank Carrocious'...... sounds lethal..!

Carrodus, Frank played together as teenagers founder members of heyes albion fc in the 60's

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