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Gary Chivers

Gary Chivers

Clubs played for: Chelsea, Swansea City, QPR, Watford, Brighton & Hove Albion, Lyn Oslo, Bournemouth, Stamco, Worthing (1978-1996)

Born: 1960

Birthplace: Stockwell

Position: Defender

Biography: A defender he played in the Football League between 1978-1995 making a total of 465 appearances. 217 of them were for Brighton & Hove Albion between 1988-1993. In the summer of 1993 he played for Lyn Oslo. After leaving Bournemouth he had a short spell playing non league football. He then became a chauffeur with his own stretch limo. He also provided stats for the Press Association . He is currently working as a football coach at Collingwood School in Wallington. He lives in Epsom.

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