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Tony Coleman

Tony Coleman

Clubs played for: Tranmere Rovers, Preston North End, Doncaster Rovers, Manchester City, Sheffield Wednesday, Blackpool, Southport, Stockport County. (1962-1975).




Biography: Now lives in Australia and works for the State railways driving a seven ton vehicle. (Won League Championship and FA Cup winners medal with City)

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Coleman, Tony My brother Barry was in the same year as Tony at St Bede's. One Saturday afternoon Barry’s work team was playing at Brookvale playing fields against the Volunteer pub when Tony came onto the pitch to be playing for the Volly. At the time he was suspended by the FA while playing for Preston. Next time I saw him he was playing for Man City at Goodison!
17-01-23 Dave Scobie

Coleman, Tony I Remember Tony playing for St Bedes against Crosby County in the schools league in 1961. He was 2 years older than me. I played for the intermediates and we were instructed to watch the senior team that Saturday morning. It was a good game at 1-1, when the Bedes had a free kick about 25 yards out. Tony stood over the ball, lined it up, stood back, scratched his arse, spat a gob that was truly professional, whilst looking at our PE teacher referee then took the kick. It hit the bar. In that one moment, you knew what was ahead of him. The two games he played on the left wing against Liverpool the season City won the League were truly great performances against a great right back - I was there at both of them and was so proud of him.
12-09-22 Tony Wailey

Coleman, Tony My God! Just sat here thinking of my favourite players as a ten year old stood near the wall at the Belle Vue ground of Doncaster Rovers. Tony was having a hard time against a rough hard tackling full back. Things finally got the best of him and after one tackle too many Tony flew at the full back and kicked him hard in the stomach. I was stood about three yards away and remember the incident as though it was yesterday. The ref came flying over and sent Tony off. It was said at the time the ref called Tony a certain name. Tony then flew at the ref and I am sure he would have punched him but was restrained by Rovers players. Nearly sixty years later I think of that night. Great hard player. Tony was hard and skilful.
Would love to know what the Ref said to make him so angry. Thanks for the memories.
15-01-22 Dave Filby

Coleman, Tony Was in the same year as tony at St Bedes Crosby. My only claim to fame was when he recommended me for the school team, though wasn’t picked. His dad was a good Sunday league player strong man, my dad was strong but onetime in the bug and bite ‘Edinburgh pub he lifted my dad clean of his feet to prove how strong he was happy days playing our rivals St Wilfred’s at marine any news of tony nowadays..?
17-11-21 Michael orourke

Coleman, Tony In Madrid watching City bumped into Mike Summerbee felt awkward ask buzzer did TC have tattoos felt daft but he was always my favourite player.
07-06-21 s sands

Coleman, Tony I saw Tony many times play for Sheffield Wednesday, he always got stuck in, great player though, got sent off a few times, but he was great on the ball, he is the kind of player that we need there today.
28-02-21 adrian newman

Coleman, Tony Tony used to come down to the field next to the railway line at the back of our house in Abbotsford Gdns to play. He lived just up from us on either Rossetti or Jubilee Rd Crosby. I once threw a small stone, we were playing dare, it hit the top of his head but he was ok.
10-01-21 Jill Weddick

Coleman, Tony My mam used to work at the British Legion on Moss Lane at the top of Maine Rd and on match days Tony used to nip in about 2 o'clock and have a couple of pints of mild and a few fags before he walked down to the ground before kick off.
09-09-20 Peter Moss Side

Coleman, Tony I remember him at Bangor City, that was mid 60s,before he moved to Doncaster. He worked on the building site near my home and I remember getting his autograph as a boy. He stood out and it was no surprise that he moved on.
04-09-20 Eifion Jones

Coleman, Tony The final piece in the jigsaw, Tony had a bad boy image but Malcolm and Joe brought the best out of him.i loved him.
31-08-20 Johnny

David Ansbro TC..........City legend. Said to Princess Anne before FA Cup Final 1969. "How's your Mum?"
20-08-20 David Ansbro

Coleman, Tony I used to be Tony’s “minder” when he was lodging in Congleton Ave when he first signed for Manchester City. As Wednesday onward we’re curfew nights before Saturdays I would go across and play cards with him.
Occasionally we would break curfew and nip into Manchester !
09-06-20 Gordon Nicholls

Coleman, Tony Saw Tony make his debut at Leeds March '67.

Coleman, Tony tony is my cousin &i have a picture of him were we lived in liverpool just before his football trials

COLEMAN, Tony I trained and played with him when he was at Macclesfield Town. He was revered as a legend while I was there.
Steve Darlington

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