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David Connor

David Connor

Clubs played for: Manchester City Preston North End , Macclesfield Town (1964-1973)

Born: 1945



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Connor, David Yes Dave used to go out with Val Jones, who lived on Cotefield Road in Wythenshawe. Her brother Brian was a friend of mine. I lived across the road from the Jones's.
17-05-22 Tom Marinan

Connor, David As a mad Man City fan in the mid sixties under the new Mercer- Allison era I was on my way to fetch my Dads Sunday newspapers from the agents. Passing the Cresta petrol station on Princess Rd on my way I noticed a young David Connor perusing the line of second hand cars on offer. Yes secondhand cars, can you imagine that these days? I approached David with excuse me, he replied with a friendly “yes cock” I said are you David Connor? and he said “yes cock” as a 12 year old that was me done and I just replied “Oh” but for some reason I’ve always remembered that and wondered what became of him.
13-11-21 Stephen Flanagan

Connor, David Dave used to play make up games of football on the field across the road from my house occasionally and married Val (I think?) on the next street in Wythenshawe. He was very humble always. Not a big talker. Talked with his feet. Played for Manchester Boys then and we were thrilled with him at the time and then of course he went and and played so well for Man City. Always so very proud of Dave!
20-03-21 Jeff Cottam

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