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Graham Cross

Graham Cross

Clubs played for: Leicester City, Chesterfield, Brighton, Preston North End, Lincoln City (1960-1978)




Biography: Graham was also an all-rounder at cricket with Leicestershire. Was reported to have been jailed in February 1993 after using Post Office funds to pay off serious gambling debts. (Played in two losing F.A. Cup finals)

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Cross, Graham Great player! He was a friend of my uncle. The team in the 70s had many great players from London clubs. Graham use to give me tickets for the matches and one time at Arsenal went on the team coach meet all the team. A true Leicester legion and great cricketer too.
13-02-22 Martin Gallehawk

Cross, Graham In 1962 at Crown Hills school we were given free City passes. I was so impressed with Graham he always had a great game, such a good player I have never forgotten him. Hope he is still ok.
24-07-21 Glynne Jones

Cross, Graham I lived opposite Graham at 35 Whitney drive EYRES MONSEL,we use to play together as kids,I remember playing catch me when I was about 12 years old I chased Graham for miles down to Aylstone shops and back could not catch him, I remember GRAHAM leaving school to play for Leicester city. I left Leicester at 15 years old in 1959 to live in Australia Colin Curtis
30-08-20 Colin Curtis

Cross, Graham I was a Leicester City fan when Graham was a junior. I thought he was dishy so I was furious when I found out that he'd asked my friend if I'd go out with him and she'd said I wouldn't as I had a boyfriend!
20-08-20 Bree Hardwick

Cross, Graham Remember Graham playing for North End back in the 70s.
20-08-20 Chris Freeman

Cross, Graham Graham is my mum's cousin and I love him. He had 599 football appearances.

09-08-20 Catherine plumb

CROSS, Graham Graham Cross is one of my cherished memories. I watched him many times as a season ticket holder in the old Double Decker stand at Filbert Street. Thank you Crossey
29-10-18 James Dalby

CROSS, Graham I played football with Graham at Newrey School when we were both about ten years old. We won the Rice Bowl and I still have the photo of the team. Smashing chap.
Gerald wickes

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