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Roger Cross

Roger Cross

Clubs played for: West Ham United, Leyton Orient (loan), Brentford, Fulham, Brentford, Seattle Sounders, Millwall (1964-1979)

Born: 1948

Birthplace: East Ham, London

Position: Forward

Biography: Former West Ham striker, left Q.P.R. in November 1994, to follow Gerry Francis to White Hart Lane, where he became reserve team manager. He re-joined West Ham in 2001 to take up a similar role and is now their chief scout.

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Cross, Roger Your grandad trained me when I went to Faraday Secondary Modern. I left school in 1970.
13-02-22 Gary Jolly

Cross, Roger I was a photographer for local papers covering Brentford and Fulham and Chelsea. Paul Prissy (goalkeeper) was a pal but I have a lovely memory of sitting on the touch line watching you play and a nice bloke as well.
06-12-21 Paul hughes

Cross, Roger I watched you when you played up front John omara class. I'm not a bees fan I just thought that you where outstanding broke my heart when they sold you to Fulham I didn't go to Brentford anymore you where class Roger how you never played higher I don't no hope your well say safe Adam
10-01-21 Adam rumball

Cross, Roger I was Rogers postman when he lived in great notley garden village until I had a stroke at 42 in 07. He was a friendly approachable man who would always have time for a quick chat.
29-12-20 Chris lanham

Cross, Roger Hi My dad Alex McEwan used time be the Scottish scout for QPR and later Tottenham during this period he worked with Roger Cross. They developed a good friendship and kept in touch until about 5 years ago whereby my dad lost contact details. My dad is always asking me thru my old football contacts (as I was an average pro between 1986-1996) to get in touch with Roger. My dad will be 83 this year and only last week he asked me again. If someone could let Roger know I will pass on my dads mobile number as he rates Roger really highly? Thanks in advance Alex please see attached email address
08-09-20 Alex McEwan

Cross, Roger Roger Cross, for the five years (1968-72) that I attended Faraday Secondary School, used to train our school football squad. I have very fond memories of those days and would dearly like to contact him.
07-09-20 Eric Scanlan

Cross, Roger I’m his grand daughter! He is the best grandad in the world, he has seven other grandkids and has four children. He still loves his football so much and loves exercise.
30-08-20 Sophie

Cross, Roger After being fired as chief scout with West Ham United, today (2014) he works as a scout for Charlton Athletic' Neilson N. Kaufman, honorary historian - Leyton Orient FC

CROSS, Roger He is my grandad! I am his favourite grandchild :-)
Ellie Thomas

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