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Chris Crowe

Chris Crowe

Clubs played for: Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Nottingham Forest, Bristol City, Walsall, Bath City (1956-1971)

Born: 1939

Birthplace: Newcastle upon Tyne

Position: Inside-forward/Outside-right

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Crowe, Chris Back in 1960 with my late wife Avis we would go to the local cinema on Saturday night and after call at our local chippy Joe Rimmers in Darwen and sit in the back room cafe. Chris Crowe would often be in. He would sit with us and was great company. Nice bloke, soberly, well mannered. He would often talk about his own game that day for Blackburn Rovers and ask me about my game in the local amateur league. He later joined Wolves and we never saw him again. I can't imagine today's pros spending Saturday night this way like in those days - they where ordinary blokes. He was a great player a ! STAR ! memories
05-11-20 Jim Yates

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