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Alex Dawson

Alex Dawson

Clubs played for: Manchester United, Preston North End, Bury, Brighton & Hove Albion, Brentford (loan), Corby Town (1957-1973)

Born: 1940

Birthplace: Aberdeen, Scotland

Position: Forward

Biography: Was the last player to score a hat trick in a FA Cup semi-final when United beat Fulham at Highbury in 1958, having been a member of the FA Youth Cup winning sides of 1956 and 1957, the year the League Championship made its way to Old Trafford, helped by him scoring in the last three games of the season. He became a regular after the Munich air crash and was a regular until the arrival of David Herd in the summer of 1961. Lives in Rothwell, Northamptonshire, and spent many years working at Kettering Plastics factory.

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Dawson, Alex England footballers should learn from Alex how to take penalties. He just hit the ball as hard as possible toward the goal and if the goalie got in the way, he would end up in the back of the net as well!
13-07-21 Ken Russell

Dawson, Alex Used to wait for Alex to appear for his autograph he was the only player with a little pair of football boots hanging from his rear view mirror, so we knew it was him and he always shouted "line up you wee B*****" , and we would he was our absolute hero and would sign our pictures , best games was Leeds and Sunderland at home the Black Prince against Big Jack Charlton and the other Leeds defenders and that giant Charlie Hurley of Sunderland. Got to Villa Park for the semi but in the downpour all day I caught a very bad dose of a flu so no chance to see final 1964-1965, brilliant Centre Forward. Many happy memories thanks Alex
18-01-21 Ted Cleary

David Fletcher Watched Alex many times at Preston and although the game has changed so much over the years I still believe he is the best centre forward to ever play for the club I also watched him play badminton with my school teacher Mr Lloyd at Ribbleton Hall! If possible please pass on my regards to Alex for his time at Preston

07-09-20 David Fletcherw

Alex I watched Alex many times at Preston North End and although the game has changed so much over the years I still believe he is the best centre forward to have ever played for North End I also watched him play badminton with Mr Lloyd my science teacher at Ribbleton Hall school! Thank you Alex for your time at Preston
07-09-20 David Fletcher

Dawson, Alex Like Alex I was born in 1940 and lived in Newton Heath close to one of my schoolmates
Nobby Lawton with whom he played then for MU. He and Nobby both turned up at my 21st birthday party in July 1961 which was a very liquid event! to say the least.
Previously I had been working and living in South Kensington where I had met with Clare who was studying to become a teacher and later graduated and become Mrs Dawson.
Sadly Nobby died recently and as I moved from Manchester I lost touch with him and Alex.
07-09-20 Dennis Graham.

Sandra Fleet I played cricket with Alex at Newton heath, he was a superb cricketer and a lovely feller. He had a good voice as well and used to sing about Aberdeen. Many is the time I've Seen him put the ball, goalkeeper and fullback all in the net at once. Good memories
24-08-20 Rod fleet

Dawson, Alex Absolute all time hero when I was at school in Preston early 60"s went all matches at Deepdale incl.reserves! The excitement when the first team came onto the pitch will live with me forever plus Alex's goals Thanks for the memories
09-08-20 John Hawkins- Shelford

Dawson, Alex I knew Alex (Sandy) as a young lad when he played for Hull City Boys. He lived near me in Glasgow Street, Hull and Sandy used to practice shooting with me in goal - a garage door!
18-01-20 Alan Deller

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