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Roger Devries

Roger Devries

Clubs played for: Hull City, Blackburn Rovers, Scunthorpe United, (1970-1981).




Biography: Started as a Left-back but switched to the Right back to keep his place in the side. Still works in the Hull area today, as a teacher in a local primary school. (Played 362 games for the Tigers).

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Devries, Roger Thank you for those that have commented. I’ll be sure to pass them on to my dad (Roger).

He took up teaching after he retired from football, working in a local primary school and teaching a lot of my old school mates.

For the record he didn’t sell cars, that will have been his brother (John) who ran a Honda garage.

My dad still lives in the area with my mum Jennie.

All the best,

Adam de Vries

27-10-22 Adam de Vries

Devries, Roger I think he’s selling used cars. My mum bought a car from him years back.
26-10-22 David Wilson

Devries, Roger Roger, Hope all is well. I just came across your name in a book about Hull City. I used to teach your wife, Jennie, at David Lister. I have been retired for 20 years now. John Taylor.
10-02-22 John Taylor

Devries, Roger I went to the same school as Roger & Brothers John & Peter. All football crazy. Roger played for Hull City & then became a Teacher. I think he now lives in Cyprus.

03-03-21 Marilyn sawyer

DeVRIES, Roger Hi Roger,I think I remember that you were called up for the England U23 squad around 1970 while playing for Hull City. Could you tell me if this is correct and did you play any international games?
Stephen Kingett

Devries, Roger I would like to correct the last entry. Roger played all his life at left fullback only switching to right side on one occasion. He still lives in the area but spends a lot of time in Cyprus now that he is retired.

Devries, Roger Not sure about the comment 'Roger played Left-back all his life', at Willerby Secondary School he used to wear number 10. From memory his brother, Peter, wore number 8.

Devries, Roger Went to the same primary school as Roger and his younger brother. Can remember watching them playing football in the school playground with a tennis ball. Roger had the most amazing dribbling skills for a boy aged 10, his younger brother was equally as good. Brilliant attacking footballer so always seemed odd that he ended up as a full back.

Devries, Roger Hi Roger,just seeing how you and Jenny are doing. I will never forget the day you played against Aston Villa and you stayed at our house that night. That wouldn't happen now with our footballers. Hope you are all well. Judi and Rod. xxxxxxx

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