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Alan Durban

Alan Durban

Clubs played for: Cardiff City,Derby County & Shrewsbury Town




Biography: An attacking midfielder whose playing career was between 1959-78.He is best remembered for his time at Derby County where he won the 1st Division Championship under Brian Clough in the 1971/72 season.He also won 27 international caps for Wales. In 1974 he became player/manager at Shrewsbury Town then manager at Stoke City in 1978 & then at Sunderland in 1981.Six months after leaving Sunderland he became manager at Cardiff City for two seasons leading them to consecutive relegations.In 2010 he became a regional scout for Norwich City & in 2011 rejoined Stoke City as a mentor for their Academy players. He still plays golf & tennis & lives in Telford.

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Durban, Alan I watched Shrewsbury Town home & away when Alan Durban was manager with Ritchie Barker. Fantastic times with some great signings. Alan Durban was my hero.

Then, years ago, I took my car to Rover Stafford Park for a service they gave me a lift home. Wwho was in the back? It was Alan Durban! Dropping him off first.

Later, I was at at Market Drayton FC with my brother Terry. we were having a cup of tea in the officials area when Ritchie Barker came in. We had a good chat. Great chap. Willing to spend time with you. So I did get to meet two great footballers. Great guys.
09-01-23 Ritchie Heskey

Durban, Alan My first time that I watched Derby County play was in 1967 and two players really stood out for me. One was Ritchie Barker and the other was Alan Durban. What a player he was. I will always remember him coming over to the kids end at the end of the match. He was a fantastic player and man and will never be forgotten by the Derby fans. Long may he live.
16-05-22 Rob

Durban, Alan I remember going many times to the Kardoma Cafe in Derby at lunchtimes (top floor) and there would be Roy McFarland and Alan Durbin having a coffee and a chat. I remember him scoring against Arsenal in the cup to send Derby to replay at Arsenal and watching the match against Chelsea, which still is the best match I’ve seen at Derby what a team in those days.
11-01-22 Martin Douglas Hall

Durban, Alan He was a schoolmate, a teammate and a great cricketer.
30-06-21 Geoff Packwood

Durban, Alan Always loved the boss brilliant to be around felt he wasn’t backed by Cardiff City and also people below him
29-08-20 Tim o Connor

Alan Durban I watched Derby county in the 60's and early 70's (then got married!!!)
Stand out players for me were McFarland, Hector, Ron Webster and Alan Durban.
It seemed Alan was always 2 plays ahead of his team mates!!
Great times.......
12-08-20 Andy Henderson

Durban, Alan Alan and his family stayed at my mum's B&B near Aberystwyth during 1975 summer. As a keen footballer myself I recall watching Leeds play Bayern Munich in the European Cup final where Leeds got robbed of victory and yes I'm still a fan. Happy days.
08-02-20 Dylan Morris

Durban, Alan Alan lived on the same housing estate in Shrewsbury as me and was very approachable when could have been very self important. The fact that he succeeded a previous school mate of mine, Maurice Evans, as manager enabled me to have some rapport with Alan. I hope he’s keeping well in his 70’s.
10-09-19 Lawrie Woodley

Durban Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. Many years ago I used to dance with a young man who was courteous, polite and a gentleman. I am not an ex so there is no need for Alan and his family to get worried!! I just thought, with all recent bad publicity for some Welsh players, I would show that here is one man who was a credit to his club, country and fellow men and women.

Durban, Alan Yes my name Is Julie Moss Mr Alan Durban was my Big Boss at the Telford Racquet Centre Shropshire . He is a lovely man and I grew very fond of him when I worked at the Telford Racquet . I had lots of very happy days indeed working there as Mr Durban as my Big Boss he loves his Tennis and so do I .

Durban, Alan My dad, Tony Pickrell, always spoke fondly of Alan Durban. They played together in their young days at Cardiff City (1960-62). I can only endorse the comments below. A real Gentleman.
Adrian Pickrell

Durban, Alan Alan Durban was hired by Friargate House School in Derby to teach football for PE from 1967 to about 1969, wonderfully memories of being coached by a great player and the general nice guy.

Durban, Alan My mum remembers you in your younger days she was from Llanelli hill near Blaenavon grandad name was redfras rees they used to tell me about you I'm a big Derby County fan

Durban, Alan I probably know him best as he is my grandfather. I know him as a kind caring man.
Sam Davies

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