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Peter Eustace

Peter Eustace

Clubs played for: Sheffield Wednesday, West Ham United, Rotherham United, Sheffield Wednesday, Peterborough United (1962-1975).

Born: 1944

Birthplace: Stocksbridge

Position: Midfielder

Biography: Managed of Sheffield Wednesday in 1989, but has been out of the game since being sacked as Leyton Orient boss in April 1993. Ran a pub in Sheffield, has held managerial posts at Sheffield Wednesday and Orient. Returned to Hillsborough to work as a scout until 2006. (An FA Cup runner up against Everton in 1966)

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Eustace, Peter I played soccer as a kid on the old tennis courts behind where Gordon Walker and Peter lived along with Edwin O’Sullivan and others.
19-05-23 Robert Abel

Eustace, Peter Yeah he was just slightly older than my dad Mick Ryan and his best mate Gordon Walker in Stocksbridge.

20-04-23 Stu

Eustace, Peter Peter Eustace is my grandad's cousin.

Eustace, Peter I was in the same class as Peter at Stocksbridge primary school.

09-05-21 Kathleen (nee Addy)

Eustace, Peter My dad grew up with him in Stocksbridge.

Eustace, Peter I used to deliver the Sheffield Star to his parents house. Used to see him most days coming back from training. He used to get me tickets games.
29-08-20 Trevor firth

Eustace, Peter I met Mr Eustace outside the old show ground Scunthorpe in 1974 after a league cup game,I asked for his autograph and he spent a good 5 minutes trying to convince me he wasn't a footballer,on his performance that night he was right!,but I knew who he was,and he was an half decent player

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