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Alun Evans

Alun Evans

Clubs played for: Wolverhampton Wanderers, Los Angeles Wolves (guest), Liverpool, Aston Villa, Walsall, South Melbourne, Morwell Falcons (1964-1983)

Born: 1949

Birthplace: Kidderminster

Position: Striker

Biography: Son of the former West Brom Left-half of the same name, Alun became Britain's first £100,000 teenage footballer when he was sold by Wolves to Liverpool in 1968. Also played for Aston Villa and Walsall before trying his luck in the America and then Australia, quitting soccer in 1980. Now lives near Melbourne in Australia where he has worked as a used car salesman, delivery driver at a fish market, and painter and decorator. Returned to the UK to live in Lancashire, where has represented the county over-50's cricket team!(Played for Liverpool in the 1971 FA Cup final)


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Evans, Alun I went to Sion Hill school with Alun. We were good friends for a few years.
10-07-23 Gay Hartwell (Harvey)

Evans, Alun Alun was a very underrated player. Some great memories of his time with Liverpool, scoring in the 1971 FA Cup semi final v Everton, assisting with the winner taking us to Wembley. A brilliant hat trick in the Fairs Cup v Bayern Munich the same year. He will always be appreciated by Kopites everywhere.
09-04-23 Robert Dyson

Evans, Alun Alun Evans is the reason I support Liverpool. When he came to Liverpool in 1968 I was twelve years old. He was living with a landlady in Lawrence Road. He used to walk down our road, one day he stopped and played football with us, in the street. How times have changed.
19-10-22 Rob Blakemore

Evans, Alun Yes, Alun wanted to take me back to Liverpool. He was down visiting family in the south and I was playing accross the road. My dad told me the story didn't happen for some reason.
24-03-22 Leslie Davies

Evans, Alun Alun Evans is the son of my grandfather's first cousin. Would any one know his whereabouts now and how to contact him?
06-02-22 Hannah Dawkins

Evans, Alun I was with Aston Villa as a youth in 1964/1965. The training ground was then in Witton Road. We were at training when a young blond crew-cutted lad joined us. It was Alun who having a look around the club with a view to signing. My abiding memory of Alun and his father is the way they put themselves out to come from Kidderminster to give me a lift to Villa Park for training whilst at the club for a few weeks. With his hairstyle, most of the young lads who came to see the players train thought he was Phil Woosnam's brother!

31-10-21 Leslie Siviter

Evans, Alun I have fond memories of him as a kid. I was Liverpool mad and wrote off for autographs long before social media and he was the only one that answered and sent me a nice little note with his autograph at the end, bless him. I hope life is treating him well.

Dorian Davies, my brother and sister in law live in Aberdare, Steve and Diane Jones, do you know them?
05-05-21 Chris Mitchell

Evans, Alun He went to Sion Hill school in Kidderminster. They ran a coach to the old Wembley when Alun played for England Schoolboys in the same team as Peter Shilton. His dad used to take him out on the school field after school was finished and practise for hours.
09-09-20 Jeff Short

Evans, Alun Alun Evans is a relation of my dad. I am from Aberdare, South Wales and my grandmother and Alun’s were related. As a young boy in the 70’s I met Alun in Cefn Pennar, South Wales while he was visiting family. I am currently in Melbourne on holiday and would love to meet him again.
14-08-20 Dorian Davies

Evans, Alun As teenager with a few friends we went to watch Alun and the team train.... It was around 1968/9... of course we thought he was gorgeous (and he was)...and when he "accidentally " bumped into me on the side line on a break....wow.....well...I'll never forget that!! Great days!! I live in Australia too....good one Alun...
12-08-20 Jeannie

Evans, Alun I remember Alan (fondly) at Liverpool..a defender went to hammer the ball clear but it hit Alan on his backside and cannoned back into the net for a Liverpool goal .
12-08-20 Tom K

Evans, Alun Alun Evans, lives in Melbourne Australia, when retired from football he became a painter and decorator, working around Melbourne, I have talked to him many times in the pub and is a very nice person
18-10-19 wal

Evans, Alun As a walsall FC fan in the 70s/80s I remember alum Evans scoring the only goal of the game in 1-0 FA Cup win at home to Leicester city.
04-10-19 Malcolm Scott

Evans, Alun Loved that guy. Just before coming to Liverpool Wolves came to Anfield and he starred with he great Derek Dougan. Played an immense one two with The Doog and I swear that was the reason he was signed !! Great memories. Good luck Alun.....
30-08-19 Colin Wright

Evans, Alun Remember Alun as a youth trialist at Aston Villa early 60's. Great little player then.When we finished training at old Trinity Road training ground,walking back to Villa Park all the young school kids went after Alun for his autograph thinking (because of his crewcut hair) he was Phil Woosnams brother

17-07-19 Les Siviter

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