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Bobby Fisher

Bobby Fisher

Clubs played for: Leyton Orient, Cambridge United, Brentford (1973-1984).




Biography: Former Orient full back, Bobby is now working as an actor in television commercials and has appeared as a baddie in Sky TV's 'Space Precinct'. (Played for Orient in the 1978 FA Cup semi final against Arsenal).

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Fisher, Bobby Hi Rob, I know you’ll remember me as I’m your cousin Sharon (Betty’s daughter). We did loads of things together growing up, Saturday morning pictures, going to London with my dad Les & brother Robert etc. I just read that our grandad was Mossie Solomon, in fact it was Isaac Solomon. I would love to hear from you & keep you updated with all the family if you’re interested, love Sharon xx
11-08-23 Sharon Overton

Fisher, Bobby Your dad was my mums brother. I went to Basildon in 1970 with you. We stayed at mums brothers sisters house - do you remember?
13-05-21 Carol baker

Fisher, Bobby I just read that you and Laurie did black power salutes in the face of racist abuse from baying Millwall fans at the Den. Thank you for all you did for the wonderful Os...
30-11-20 Eddie Piller

Fisher, Bobby We both attended what was then called Eastlane Secondary School in North Wembley which was only a first and second year school. We had some real footballing battles in the school playground and you stood head and shoulders above everyone as the best player. I think back in the 1960s as young men we all had aspirations to become professional footballers but by the way you played with such natural ability and your connections it was obvious that you were going to make it to the professional level. I take my hat off to you for what you have achieved!
17-04-19 Ian Hamilton

Fisher, Bobby Bobby, if you went to Brooklands Rise, then we went to school together. In fact, I think we played football together. Be great to hear from you if that is the case.

Fisher, Bobby Bobby, you probably won't remember me but I'll never forget you. We met When you were nineteen and went out a few times. You were the perfect gentleman, which in these days is a refreshing story alone. Even when I told you my parents didn't approve of us you were so understanding and kind. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you.

Fisher, Bobby I used to live opposite Bobby Fisher in Wembley. I remember the summer of 1976 so well. I played a game of 5 aside with Bobby and Laurie Cunningham when I was 11 years old. Fond memories, and it brought it all back when I saw the documentary on Laurie last week.

Fisher, Bobby I am distantly related to you. my granddad was mossy solomons. trying to trace some of my family. would love to hear from you!

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