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Chris Galvin

Chris Galvin

Clubs played for: Leeds United, Hull City, York City, Stockport County (1968-1980).

Born: 1951

Birthplace: Huddersfield, West Riding of Yorkshire

Position: Midfielder

Biography: The brother of Tony ran a sports shop in Huddersfield and worked as a players agent.

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Galvin, Chris Chris may remember this - he had been injured and was put in the reserves at York City. We got a free kick 25 yards out and said I am taking this. I said no way being a daft northerner...he said keep off it, I said get f....d and ran straight past him and walked it in the top corner. His response was something like you f.....g geordie bXXXX. My reply was 'pick it out of the net' laughing. Stay safe Chris. Loved the crack top man.
01-01-23 Paul Walker

Galvin, Chris Chris Galvin is my grandad and an amazing guy!!!
10-12-22 Macey Costa Catão

Galvin, Chris First player I ever saw doing the stepover technique , classy player , daft as a brush , put him up in the air in training and he threatened to break my leg lol I was 17 with Hull City
25-08-20 Mick Connolly (Alf )

Galvin, Chris I have many happy and mainly memories that bring a smile to my face about Chris. I was working as a teacher in Huddersfield and playing in the Yorkshire Old Boys League for Salendine Nook Old Boys when Chris returned to his birth place, for some reason to play with us, due to the persistence of the then coach Tom Walton. As a kid I grew up in Middlesborough, but was a huge Leeds fan in the 70' and used to go and watch a lot of their home games in the Revie era. So when I heard that Chris was coming to play with us - it was one of the highlights of my life to meet and talk with him about his involvement in one of the best sides that ever played professional football. The story that epitomizes Chris is one that I always love to hear when he went to Hull City, when Terry Neill, the old Arsenal player was the manager. In one of their training sessions at Hull they were working on set pieces. Terry, knowing that Crhis was coming straight from one of the best sides in the league, asked him what they used to practise at Leeds for their free kicks. Chris was a great prangster and loved taking the piss out of people, in a very good way, there was not a devious part of him at all. So he took over the session. H e told Terry Neill that he wanted a wall of 4 men in front of the ball and another man with him over the ball. He turned to the player with him over the ball and whispered 'Whatever happens here just hit the ball as hard as you ....... can'. So Chris did this elaborate diagonal run away from the ball and turned sharply to run towards the wall as the other player was running up to kick the ball. H e kept on running, running towards the wall. He continued his run to run directly into the wall, grab all the players in both his arms and bring the whole wall down to the ground. The player taking the kick struck the kick into the top corner. I just could not stop laughing when he recounted this and it still brings a smile to my day when I remember Chris. Needless to say Terry Neill was not amused and took him into his office and said ' You ever pull a ...... stunt like that again Galvin and you will be out of this .... club'. What a player and what a great guy. A legend of a player even if he did not really make it to the top level

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