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Alan Gowling

Alan Gowling

Clubs played for: Manchester United, Huddersfield Town, Newcastle United, Bolton Wanderers, Preston North End. (1967-1982).




Biography: A graduate of Manchester University, Alan now works for Swansway Group as After Sales Analyst and has done for the last 10 years. He also works, on match days, for Manchester United on hospitality. He is Minutes Secretary for the Association of Former Manchester United Players.

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Gowling, Alan Alan used to call at our company in the eighties selling pallet timber. I can’t remember which company he represented but would be interested to find out.
28-06-23 Michael Shaw

Gowling, Alan Alan Gowling, came to my home town Newbiggin to attend the "Newbiggin Mags" 1976 end of season awards night. For years we asked Supermac but he refused. Probably would have bored us to death bout his 4 goals v Crete! Yet Alan was so gracious with his time and was a perfect centre forward too. Cheers Bamber!
23-03-22 Mark Stevens

Gowling, Alan The General Lee challenged Supermac to a bet for charity just who would score more in the epic Toon 1976 season, himself or "Bamber " Gowling! Needless to say that Bamber won hands down and Supermac refused to pay up! How we all laughed on the Leazes end!
22-03-22 Parfitt

Gowling, Alan Alan Gowling is the king of the Leazes... that was sung by the Leazes End between 75 and 78 when "Bamber" played for the toon!
15-03-22 Twangers

Gowling, Alan Alan visited our school for children with severe learning difficulties back in the seventies. I was impressed by his genuine interest in the children and the work of the school.
17-06-21 Paul Eagle

Gowling, Alan Gowling was what they used to call an inside forward, today midfield. He never played centre half for Boilton. I saw him play quite often. He was good, hard working with a touch of class
29-04-21 phil rowson

Gowling, Alan Alan used to live next door to my grandparents in Hexham in 1977. As a 9 yr old Newcastle United fan, I remember him coming round for afternoon tea. He was such a nice bloke. A few weeks later he gave my grandparents the 1977 Shoot annual, signed by all the players, and asked them to pass it on to me. I was thrilled. A great memory!
21-11-20 Peter Ogram

Gowling, Alan I believe Alan also played at centre back for Bolton Wanderers.
16-08-20 Yinka Oyesanya

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