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Alan Groves

Alan Groves

Clubs played for: Southport, Chester-City, Shrewsbury Town, Bournemouth, Oldham Athletic, Blackpool. (1968-1977).




Biography: Former Oldham Athletic wingman, sadly died in 1978 of heart failure, aged only 29

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Groves, Alan Quite simply the most skilful footballer I have seen in over 50 years and easily the best entertainer. I've never seen any other player sit on the ball during the game and invite the opposition to try & take it off him. I saw Grovesy do this more than once. In today's game, where players are overprotected, he would often have been unplayable. . . and worth untold millions as well. It was a pleasure to have seen him play as often as I did.
15-12-20 Barry Johnston

Groves, Alan I remember Alan Groves leaving the office one day when I was buying a ticket. He got outside said hello to me and turned around and kissed the office window saying bye to the girls there. Really nice guy I was saddened to hear of his death and so young too.
09-12-20 Kevin Moore

Groves, Alan I knew Alan from the age of about 14, we mixed in the same group at the local stables. We dated from 1966 to 1969 so I know a bit about his background and some of his family. Although we parted in 1969 our paths crossed from time to time & we remained friends. Knowing Alan, I would think that a lot of Harry's tales are true, but I've not heard all of them! He was a real nice person with a great sense of humour but nothing like his persona on the pitch. If modern technology had been available in 1978 he would probably not have died when he did. We miss him.

07-09-20 Carole Clarke

Groves, Alan Saturday 2nd March 1974, Ewood Park Blackburn, Alan Groves is playing his second game for Oldham. With the score at 0-0 in the 90th minute, he gets the ball on the right touchline near the corner flag, ghosts his way through five or six challenges, then lets fly from 25 yards. It flashes past Bradshaw in the Blackburn goal into the top corner. We finished the season in top place, one point ahead of Bristol Rovers, and almost certainly wouldn't have done so without Groves.

By the way, I've heard one or two of Harry Redknapp's stories about him - very entertaining, but not the last word in accuracy unfortunately!
26-03-20 Andrea Jones

Groves, Alan My dad is Alan Groves cousin and he talks about all the memories. We are desperately trying to get hold of distant family members that can help us build up some more. We are going to an evening with Harry Redknapp in September and I know the host so I'm trying to arrange for my dad to meet Harry and get some classic Alan stories. Kyle Turpin that commented before, get in touch because would seem we are related distantly. lol
21-06-19 Christopher Martin

Groves, Alan Would love to met him in his 70 years and him to be my great uncle and his my mums uncle blessed to br in his family
22-11-18 Kyle Turpin

Groves, Alan my favourite oldham player of all time for talented(see harry redknapps autobiog) saw him reduce both phil neal(england international ) and martin buchan(scottish international) to pieces...

GROVES, Alan I was lucky that my family bought season tickets for me and my brothers when growing up watching Oldham athletic first team and reserves. Oldham have had some good players and if you include Harry Dowd, probably the first goalkeeper ever to dribble out of the box, and Simon Stainrod who was seen has the next Stan Bowles, Alan Groves was without a doubt the fastest, trickiest **** taker of a winger you could imagine! He just kept running at the opposition all game with unbelievable speed and control. Pleasures arrive in life, this geezer was one hell of a player and a luxury that Oldham was lucky enough to have for his short life Thanks for the memories
Colin Hilton

Groves, Alan In my early teens in the 1970s I went with a mate down to the Gay Meadow hoping to get autographs of some of the players. Alan Groves was just turning up for training. He gave us some money and said he'd sign our autogrpah books providing we first went to the local shop and bought him 10 Embassy! We did too. True story.

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