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Peter Grummitt

Peter Grummitt

Clubs played for: Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Brighton. (1960-1976).




Biography: Was first choice keeper at Nottingham Forest for almost a decade, clocking up over 500 appearances in his three club playing career. Owned a newsagents in Bourne, Lincolnshire is now living in Newark.(England under 23 international)

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Grummitt, Peter I remember Peter Grummitt coming to my sister's wedding in 1964. He was a cousin to my then-new brother-in-law. The reception was at my mum's house in Nottingham. It was a lovely day, and we gathered kids at the gate knowing Peter was there all asking for his autograph.
27-08-22 Diane White

Grummitt, Peter Peter used to live on Church Lane, Balderton. Even after he moved out, fans turned up out of the blue for his autograph.

05-04-22 Graham Ward

Grummitt, Peter The best Forest Keeper by far. In the FA Cup 5th Round at Leeds in the mid sixties he played with a broken arm for most of the second half. Forest lost 1-nil. Says it all.
09-01-22 Paul Barratt

Grummitt, Peter Every time the team turned out Peter would run to the old Trent end goal and score a line in the mud from the penalty box edge to the goal mouth, on centre of the goal. Presumably as a position reference. Super goalie!
01-10-21 Alan Woodhouse

Grummitt, Peter I remember Peter Grummitt playing for Sheffield Wednesday from 1969 to 1973. He was a fine keeper one of the best we ever had. Unfortunately, Wednesday were terrible in those years. Grummitt saved us from many hammerings.
11-06-21 Les Wainwright

Grummitt, Peter Think it was Alf Ramsay who said that on his day Peter Grummitt is on par with Gordon Banks.
22-12-20 Steven Owen

Grummitt, Peter When Peter lived in Saltdean just outside Brighton he would have a kick around in the street with the kids and introduced me to Brighton under 16's.
Great days.
27-11-20 Ian Jones

Grummitt, Peter A great goalkeeper. Proud to be part of the overall family. He is responsible for my life long support of Nottingham Forest. I remember kicking a football in my back yard with him over 50 years ago. Sadly we have lost touch.
29-08-20 Richard Grummitt

Grummitt, Peter My friends and I aged about 14 at the time - 1967 - loved Peter and we found out that he lived close to our school. We spent many a lunch time hovering around where he lived at a respectable distance of course hoping to see him but sadly we never did. Happy days
25-08-20 Linda Marshall

Grummitt, Peter First goalie I ever saw at the City Ground, absolute Forest legend, for me part of the best Forest team we ever had !
16-08-20 Chris Booth

Grummitt, Peter Remember a save that he made for Forest against Swindon in the cup where he appeared to dive full length and catch a ball that had already gone past him destined for the net. A brilliant goalkeeper who was around at the same time as Banks and so never received full recognition of his skills


GRUMMITT, Peter Grummitt's home league debut for Forest got off to a really bad start .... straight from the kick off Jim Iley, presumably trying to give the young keeper an early touch of the ball, sent a crisp back pass to the young keeper - but well wide of him and straight into the back of the net ... so Peter's first touch of the ball was to fish it out of the back of the net! At least things got much better over the next 10 years as Grummitt went on to become a much loved and highly successful Forest keeper
Warren Hooper

GRUMMITT, Peter We used to drive over from Manchester when United played Forest in the 60's, I always thought that Grummitt was one of the best goalies that I ever saw play !!

GRUMMITT, Peter I remember having a beer with Terry Hennesey, Forest and Wales captain about Peter's skills and comparing him with Gordon Banks. I agreed with Terry when he said that Gordon dominated the penalty area whereas Peter was the best goal line keeper going. He made some tremendous stops, his reactions were lightening.

Grummitt, Peter aye aye aye aye, Grummitt is better than Yashin, Joe Baker is better than Eusabio, and Spurs are in for a thrashing!

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