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Peter Gunby

Peter Gunby

Clubs played for: Leeds United, Bradford City, Harrogate Town (1956-1957)

Born: 1934

Birthplace: Leeds

Position: Right-half

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Gunby, Peter Peter was my coach at Huddersfield Town juniors and reserves 78-80. Fittest bloke I ever met and true gentleman, not that I thought so at the time when he made us run up and down the terraces!
30-03-22 Stephen Gentry

Gunby, Peter I played with Peter for the two great sides at the Cherry Tree. Peter trained us and also played in midfield. Never was so fit in my life for two years. An absolute gentleman
26-02-22 Trevor Bedford

Gunby, Peter Peter was my football manager in 1979 for Huddersfield Town juniors he use to pick three of us up before the slip road on the motorway in his Austin Princess a right shed. We went training every Wednesday he was a good bloke. Very funny
08-06-21 Kevin monaghan

Gunby, Peter Parish church schoolboy. Started his football at market district boys club.

Gunby, Peter Peter used to be my reserve team coach at Leeds United in the 80s. A very good coach but more importantly an absolute fantastic person. I can confidently say that Peter was liked by everyone at the club, a real Leeds United man who deserves plenty of accolades. Peter always had a smile on his face and would offer you support on and off the field. It’s been a few years now - but Peter to me is one of the most outstanding men in football. I remember him turning 50 years old still trying to join in and hold his own against professional footballers half his age. Great guy and I wish him and his family my best wishes
20-02-21 Roger

Gunby, Peter Fortunately for me Peter is my grandad , I remember many times as child been lucky enough to live under the same roof as some of Leeds United finest. My grandad gave his and my grandma’s entire life to football (Leeds United).

I remember staying with him regularly up at Wetherby training ground and watched my grandad train some of what were to become legends at Leeds United. I also remember staying at his home at Roundy where all the fresh new players would stay while in the first stages of the academy. Boy was I lucky to have the best grandad in the world and to have lived with / met some of the greatest players to play for Leeds throughout the years. Sadly as the years have gone on my grandad and grandma’s memories have faded due to dementia / old age but out of all the things a person with dementia would forget (my gran and grandad have not forgot Leeds United).

15-11-20 Joel Tate

Gunby, Peter Used to come down to St Nicholas to train us class
30-08-20 David jones

Gunby, Peter Peter is my uncle. He currently lives in Rodley with his wife (my aunt) Maureen. Unfortunately, they both suffer from first stages of dementia.
17-08-20 Stephen Ellis

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