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Ian (Chico) Hamilton

Ian (Chico) Hamilton

Clubs played for: Chelsea, Southend United, Aston Villa, Sheffield United. (1966-1977).




Biography: Worked for the Nike organisation coaching soccer, and as a play scheme organiser at Sheffield University. (League Cup final winners with Villa in 1975)

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Hamilton, Ian (Chico) Brilliant times watching him entertain during his time at Villa.
24-04-23 Rupy Pandaal

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) Unfortunately, Hamilton died sometime in early 2022. He was playing golf when he had a heart attack and passed. RIP legend.

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) Ian passed away in February 2002. He was living in Florida with his wife. He died doing what he loved, playing golf.
08-01-23 LMW

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) Chico is alive and well. Play table tennis with him every Tuesday.
30-11-22 Jim

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) I run the Southend United Ex Players Association (SUEPA). We knew that Chico was living in Spain but have no further info so have been unable to get in touch with him to invite him to join our ever-growing group (with 431 ex player members its the largest former players group in the UK, at least Southend has something to boast about!). I note that one person (Jack) said that they spoke to him recently and it would be great if they could get in touch with me. I can then tell them more info about SUEPA so that maybe we can then find a way of getting in touch with Chico. Our email address is suepassoc@gmail.com Thank you!
24-11-22 Andy Leeder

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) I spoke to Ian today, at length. I promise you he is not dead, he is in good health and living in Spain.
15-10-22 Jack

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) Ian was a great dude. Unfortunately, he passed away from a heart attack in 2021. After finishing his pro career, he moved to Ohio and coached at my high school, Thomas Worthington. By the time I got to school here, he had retired, but I got a chance to meet him and talk to him personally. My grandfather was a soccer coach at one of their rival schools, but him and Ian actually were really good friends despite popular belief. Me and my grandpa went to a high school soccer game, and they had a reunion for a state champ team from the 80s, and Ian was there, and we got to have a discussion with him. He was such a nice dude and genuinely seemed interested in anything you talk about. At the time I was building a computer, and my grandpa brought it up in our conversation, and Ian was so interested in it and just wanted me to tell him all about it. He was a great coach too, leading our school to multiple championships. Nowadays, our school soccer program is not very good and the coaching is extremely questionable. I wish I could have played for him, and it’s really sad that he’s gone now, but he was just a fantastic dude.
02-10-22 anonymous

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) I remember Chico when he joined Southend. They were in division 4 and he was a favourite with the north bank. He had a tremendous left foot and, on one occasion, he hit the crossbar with such force it rattled and wobbled for quite a while. Fond memories. Alan
07-09-22 Alan Ferguson

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) When was at Sheffield Utd he was going out with a family friend. They then moved to Minnesota Kicks. As a 16-year-old, I went out to stay with them as I was good friends with the kids he inherited. We used to go training with him, meeting Don Masson, Steve Heighway to name a few. They had a ball out in 1980/81. Years later, I’d bump into Ian in pubs in Sheffield, he always bought a pint.
25-08-22 Karl

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) I was at Spencer Park School at the same time as Ian Hamilton and probably played football with him or against him. I was captain of the Yellow team. Great memories. Well played.
22-01-22 Martin stroud

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) I met Chico Hamilton in Walsall. He had been signed by Villa for £40,000. We shook hands, what amazed me was how fine structured his hands were. Also sat next to Trevor Francis on a flight when he was playing for Rangers . Once again we shook hands and he too had a very fine bone structure. Strange things you notice!

27-12-21 Andrew James

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) I went to Spencer Park School and was in the same team as him. He was the best I had ever seen. We just used to give him the ball and he did the rest. He was picked up by the CFC as they used to come to our school and trained some of the best players. He scored against Tottenham at White Hart Lane. I was there. He didn’t get many chances due to CFC management. He really should have been a superstar. Glad to hear he is alive and hopefully kicking.
26-11-21 Steve Willis

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) 'Chico' didn’t get his nickname because of the jazz man. He got it because he was cheeky. Said it himself

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) His mother-in-law owned the shop at Wylde Green called Chico’s. I worked there and used to babysit for him

28-06-21 Dawn

Hamilton, Ian (Chico) Ian Chico Hamilton is my best friend and at this moment in time we are having a pint and watching the footy.
03-04-21 Stuart Denham

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