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John Hawley

John Hawley

Clubs played for: Hull City, St. Louis Stars (loan), Leeds United, Sunderland, Arsenal, Leyton Orient (loan), Hull City (loan), Bradford City (1972-1986)

Born: 1954

Birthplace: Patrington

Position: Forward

Biography: Now owns an Antiques shop on the other side of the River Humber - at Beverley while also owning an independent Auction House in North Cave.Won a Third Division title with Bradford City)

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Hawley, John Met at Hotel Regente in Benidorm when he was a Hull reserve. He was injured with a plaster on his foot. He soaked it for hours in the pool and cut it off with a knife as it was "cramping his style!" Seem to remember his friend being a good tennis player.
05-02-22 Gordon

Hawley, John Memories from kids. Had some battles, Greenwood v Southcoates. John and Kev Lewis. I remember when we where at City boys. Me and my brother Chris we wait for bus fares of Gus McLean. We all spent it on chips!
19-01-22 Rusty White

Hawley, John John was my best man in 1981. He was a smashing lad, very genuine. The last time we met he was selling mistletoe on a corner in Beverly at Xmas time.
28-05-21 John Duncan

Hawley, John Played in the same reserve side as John at Hull City , used to run about together , fine footballer
20-05-21 Muck Connolly ( Alf )

Hawley, John Big fan when he was at Hull City, he scored a fabulous goal against Sunderland in an evening game I was at with Stuart Pearson’s father and my late father in law
18-01-20 David Sutton

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