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Dave Hilley

Dave Hilley

Clubs played for: Pollok, Third Lanark, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Highlands Power, Arcadia Shepherds, Hellenic, Hamilton Academical, Scarborough, South Shields, Bedlington Terriers (1957-1978)

Born: 1938

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Position: Inside-forward

Biography: Former Scotland Under 23 striker, was a school teacher until retiring in 1996, writes regularly for the Evening Chronicle and Sunday Post newspapers in the North East.

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Hilley, Dave Hi Dave
You may remember me when Ian and you watched The Hi Hi s at Cathkin with your uncle Alec Hilley.
I now live near grandchildren in Cambridgeshire so I don’t know what happened to Thirds. Have disappeared again? Best wishes. Bob ( known as Robert in those far off days.)
15-05-23 Bob Hamilton

Hilley, Dave Remember Dave in the Mount Florida Boys Brigade. He is 5 years older than me and I played in the same BB football team only because my age helped meet the overall age requirements of the team.
14-09-22 Ken Watson

Hilley, Dave Does anyone remember his wife Daphne? I use to visit her and Dave in Newcastle, then I moved to the US and we lost track of each other. Thank you.
28-12-21 Penelope Tortora

Hilley, Dave Mr Hilley was my PE Teacher at John Marley school. He ran a gymnastics team of which i was privileged to be a member. I then came in contact with him many years later and Mr Hilley was involved in youth work. He is a true gentleman and a huge inspiration. God bless you Mr Hilley
24-12-21 John Varty

Hilley, Dave Looked like he was on tippy toes, dancing past people. Always seem to find space, never a hard hitter of the ball, but scored some good goals at Newcastle. One of my early toon heroes, I never thought Newcastle surrounded him with good enough players to get the best out of him.
07-07-20 Ralph Ridley

Hilley, Dave He was a brilliantly teacher.
22-06-19 Kelly snowdon

Hilley, Dave I went to Queens Park Senior Secondary School the same time as David and seemingly I looked like him even some of the teachers thought the same. David was a prefect at the time and as I was 4years younger and the prefects had a place inside the turret and David used to let me dodge some classes.
20-01-19 Ian Walker

Hilley, Dave I played against Dave in the blue bell over 40's football league. he was old but still good and a legend

Hilley, Dave Dave Hilley was my PE teacher at John Marley in the late 70s . He was a really nice chap who had time for everyone in his class especially the 'under-achievers', coming from being a top professional sportsman that shows his class.

Hilley, Dave If this is the correct person, he tought me at westgate community college, he was a great teacher of sport and life, he is a man with lots of knowledge bt being young and daft i didnt take it all on board if i had of maybe i could of followed his footsteps an played 4 club and country, god bless you sir best of luck 4 the future

Hilley, Dave Dave signed for scarborough at the end of his career, awsome, he seemed to seldom move out of a 20yrd radius but was so many moves ahead of everybody else and controlled the game. The way he played was an influence.

Hilley, Dave Davey hilley was an outstanding teacher and a great bloke his knowledge is vast in various subjects as well as sport and anyone who has had the pleasure of his company will tell you that he was an asset to anything he comes in contact with .He gave me my first golf lesson in john Marley and I've loved the game ever since .I wish him and his family good health and happiness and thanks for everything god bless

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