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Don Hutchins

Don Hutchins

Clubs played for: Leicester City, Plymouth Argyle, Blackburn Rovers, Bradford City (1967-1980).




Biography: Former Bradford City winger Lives in Baildon and worked for Leyland paints, first employed as a salesman, but now promoted to Sales Manager.

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Hutchins, Don I worked with Don at Leyland Paints in Bradford from 1990 until 1998. Liked the cheeky chappie a lot. Taught me how to use more bad language in a sentence than actual words! Hope you are well, Don and doing grand.
11-07-23 Ian Taylor

Hutchins, Don He used fly down the wing and if he ran out of options. He’d go down, drawing a foul. As he got up, he’d look at us in the crowd with a wry smile and a wink!(Not letting the ref see this of course lol)
26-02-21 Adrian Walker

Hutchins, Don Played football with him at filbert street

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