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John Jackson

John Jackson

Clubs played for: Crystal Palace, Leyton Orient, Millwall, Ipswich Town, Hereford United, (1964-1982).




Biography: Now lives in Brighton, has installed and fitted Blinds, been goalkeeping coach for Brighton and the Sussex FA School of Excellence, he worked for a golf magazine; sold golf equipment; now works as a courier for Lewes Council. (Played for Orient 1978 FA Cup semi final)

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Jackson, John Met John and his three daughters when I was about 10 in Spain. He became good friends with my dad.
We used to pick him up at Victoria station in my dads Ford Granada. I would sit on his lap take him to Brisbane Road, only just found out he’d passed away as we had lost touch. Absolutely gutted with the news. My love and thoughts to Ruth, Elizabeth and Sarah. Rich north
29-03-23 Richard North

Jackson, John Thank you all for posting such lovely memories. To me and my sisters he was just Dad. But what a wonderful father he was - and the greatest goalkeeper that Pele ever played against!!
27-02-23 Sarah, nee Jackson

Jackson, John As a young, and aspiring goalkeeper in the 1960s, and a Palace fan, John was my hero. I watched him many times from behind the goal changing ends at half time!

I actually met him one evening at a theatre in London - he had the seat next to me at a performance of Oliver. He was playing for Leyton O. at the time and had been playing that afternoon.

A great experience to share a few words with my hero - a great and modest man. I remember our meeting with great fondness. RIP - Stonewall.
02-01-23 Frank H.

Jackson, John In them good old day I used to watch the Palace players train on the pitch at Selhurst Park and asked Jacko for his autograph, he said after the training session. As soon the training finished he came straight over to me and gave it to me. Great bloke and a great goalkeeper for the Palace.
18-12-22 Brian Jeal

Jackson, John Although John was a year or two older than me, I remember playing with him at St.Clement Danes and, I believe, for London Grammar Schools tour to the Channel Islands. Another good player was S.Hook, who I roomed with. John was always a level above us - agile, great reactions, head boy I think.
21-10-22 Alastair McMeckan

Jackson, John I was a young 18-year-old keeper on trial with Crystal Palace in the sixties. John treated me so kindly when others just ignored me and were aggressive. Regardless, it wasn’t enough and I went back to my club, Maidstone Utd very disenchanted. I never really regained my confidence and an injury during this period finished my career. Thank you John for being what I envisaged a pro player to be.
05-09-22 Phil Swinard

Jackson, John I remember John from St.Clement Danes School on DuCane Road. Although we were not in the same form, we were in the same year. I also recall him playing in the same school year team with Jimmy Gitsham, who became left-back for Brentford F.C.. I also vaguely recall that John also had a connection with Brentford at the same time, so wonder whether John could remember and perhaps clarify whether my recollection is correct. Fond memories of sixty-plus years ago.
11-01-22 Bob Baker

Jackson, John I used to see John play at every Crystal Palace home game. He was definitely one of the best goalkeepers I ever saw as Palace were pretty terrible most the time and often he was the only thing that kept us in the game. When we played one of the bigger teams, the game was often just a succession of John Jackson saves. Brilliant player.
03-09-21 Martin Wiseman

Jackson, John I remember JJ at St Clement Danes G.S. I was his right full back up to the Under 15’s and he did well to cope with my erratic performances. I think he played for Dane House and in a house final against Burleigh (I was their keeper that day) we both had great games and surprisingly Burleigh won on that occasion. I met Bob Wilson a while back and he said how much he rated “Jacko”. Nice memories.
12-08-21 Peter Olsen

Jackson, John If my memory serves me right John you went to Barlby Rd school,I was asked to play in goal for the school. I had to go to your home to collect the jersey and if I recall you weren’t very pleased. You went I think to St Clements whilst I went to Nor Ken , now Isaac Newton. Glad you had a good career in footie. Sadly not the money they get now. All the best to you and yours. x
27-02-21 Terry Langridge

Jackson, Justin The non-league to non-league British record signing £185000 to Rushdie and Diamonds from Morecambe

Jackson, John Legend at Crystal Palace . Talked about as an England keeper at a time when England had the best keepers in the World .

Jackson, John great memories of john at the orient,i will never forget the day man utd played at brisbane road mid 70s just been relegated to div 2,full house,the teams came out to a huge roar john jackson ran towards the buckingham road end which was full to the rafters with man utd fans,i couldnt believe the reception that john got from opposing fans every man u fan clapped and cheered, until that is john reached the six yard box,then every clap and cheer turned to a very loud boos with hand gestures to boot, poor john was completely taken in, one minute he was waving to the man utd fans thanking them for a great reception the next he was totally embarrassed as they abused him with no mercy,that didnt take away the fact that john was a great keeper and one of best orient ever had.

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