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David Johnson

David Johnson

Clubs played for: Everton, Ipswich Town, Liverpool, Everton, Barnsley, Manchester City, Preston North End (1970-1984).

Born: 1951

Birthplace: Liverpool

Position: Striker

Biography: England international striker who scored on four different competition debuts for Everton: Central League; Football League; FA Cup and European Cup. Now lives in Liverpool worked for an insurance company, now hosts corporate fans at Anfield and is a radio pundit.

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Johnson, David Played with David on the fields of Halewood Merseyside when he was an apprentice with Everton. Always was a bit special as a player.
14-08-21 Will Huddy

Johnson, David I'm from FL and was hoping David could help with donating a Polaris Ranger to an animal Sanctuary in FL. A couple in their 70s run the rescue, work so very hard. I visited there to see that they could sure use a work horse cart with a hauler in back. Any chance to get a used one donated? If so, pls email. Thanks for consideration.
30-09-20 Eileen

Johnson, David David was playing for Ipswich March 1972. I was a nipper standing on my stool perched against the tunnel wall at Upton Park. David grabbed my West Ham scarf and playfully tugged at it as the players ran on to the pitch. Can still see his face laughing as I thought he was really trying to nick it .
31-08-20 Mick Harris

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