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Mick Jones

Mick Jones

Clubs played for: Sheffield United, Leeds United (1962-1973).

Born: 1945

Birthplace: Worksop

Position: Centre-forward

Biography: Retired due to a knee injury in 1973 to become a representative for a sports goods company, then ran a sports shop in Maltby for the next fourteen years. Then ran a market stall with his son, selling sportswear in Nottingham and lives nearby, in his hometown of Worksop until 2000 now does hospitality at Leeds.

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Jones, Mick Having watched Mick for years, as a fan at Leeds, I met Mick a a sales representative for Sondico in his first week! He was very nervous and outside his comfort zone. He was interested in playing squash as part of his rehabilitation from his knee injury. As I was a qualified squash coach,I was privileged to meet him on Thursday afternoons and take him to my club in Halifax for coaching sessions! We became friends and what a gentleman he was! He invited me, as a guest, to an international squash tournament that Sondico were sponsoring. We then lost touch, but it would be lovely to hear from him again?
07-08-23 Ron Downs

Jones, Mick I remember Mick when were kids. All lads together. Shireoaks and Rhodesia were pretty close. Mick's grandparents lived in Rhodesia Village where I lived. Last time I saw Mick was in The pub in Thorpe Salvin Parish Oven, many years ago now but am sure I can still call him a friend even though not seen him for a while. A nice guy!
14-03-23 Tony Mee

Jones, Mick I’ve been drinking in my local for a few yrs now and found out recently that one of the old fellas I’m drinking with is Mick Jones. Looks a wee bit frail now but still has some interesting tales to tell.
03-01-23 Pete Smith

Jones, Mick I was there at Old Trafford in 1963, as the greats of Man.Utd. (Charlton, Law et al ) struggled to avoid relegation but won the F.A.Cup. My pal and I , aged 15 and our first away match, watched from the Stratford End as Mick, on debut, rose in the air and scored in a 1-1 draw.

I also recall United beating Man.Utd. on Boxing Day, 1965?, 2-1, as Mick seemed to rise early and hang in the air to head yet another goal. A honest and very skilful player on the ground, I recall home giving the great Bobby Moore a real run around at the Lane in 1966.
After going to University, I sometimes went over to Elland Road for the European matches and remember watching as Leeds struggled to beat the mass defence of Torino and saying “what Leeds need is a good centre forward like Mick Jones”, they signed him not long after and the rest is history. Me and my big mouth!

I hadn’t realise just how early his career was ended by injury but I have such memories of Mick and Alan Birchenall up front with Woody supplying great crosses and Len Badger bombing down the wing. Great memories of seeing young players at the Lane.
05-10-22 Ken Hunter

Jones, Mick My dad & Micks father in law we’re brothers. Last time I saw uncle Mick was at his father in laws funeral my Uncel Ernie, I have the book uncle Mick wrote & had it signed by him for my hubby.
16-02-22 Marie Senior (was Evason)

Jones, Mick What a boy. I've watched Sheff Utd since 1964 man and boy and I've never seen a better centre forward than Mick Jones. Hard but fair, took some knocking off the ball, not like todays players - all namby pamby. Just a tap and their rolling round like they have been shot. Never saw Mick doing it he took some hammer. Ahh the good old days. Players like him will never grace English football again.
14-11-21 Dick Ormrod

Jones, Mick My mum was micks dads sister i allways think it was a shame they fell out i didnt know mick that well but he was a very good player
02-08-21 Tony coupe

Jones, Mick A team of legends and followed them since I was 8 yrs old in 1965. The names roll of the tongue and would so love to have personally met any of the team to talk football! Lorimer Clarke Jones Giles Grey.... the list goes on!!
29-12-20 Brian Roche

Jones, Mick Mick was brought down in the penalty area at Bramall Lane. The opposition goalie had hold of one leg, a defender one arm but he still had a free leg and used it to hook the ball into the net. Way to go!
08-12-20 Nigel webster

Jones, Mick I am a regular user of Oliver's Eatery in Cleethorpes and on 10th September 2020 I encountered an old friend and his wife, ex-Leeds striker Allen Clarke and Marg there also to enjoy the excellent food, when lo and behold, his old partner from Leeds, Mick Jones and his wife turned up. It was so good to see them both together again and brought to mind their superb partnership at Leeds United. Up front they brought fear to any side they encountered combining Allen's ability to snatch a goal from the super feeds that Mick created. Their presence at Oliver's attracted many people to approach them both and even though they were eating, like the gentlemen they are, they were gracious and made time for their old supporters. Long may they both enjoy the adoration of fans who recognise "Sniffer" and Mick as being the once 'greats' of English football.

12-09-20 Richard Bray

Jones, Mick In 1966 my wife and I honeymooned at Great Yarmouth, the Dunbar Hotel. Mick and Glenys booked into the same hotel that same evening and, as the only young people there, they put us on the same table for meals. We spent a very happy week going to places with them. Mick was then with Sheffield Utd under John Harris as manager about whom he had some very amusing stories. We had promised to see him at St James Park just after the next season had started when his team were playing Newcastle. Unfortunately we couldn’t get there so didn’t see him - just as well, they hammered us and he scored twice. I wish we had met again. A great player and even more, a true gentleman.
09-09-20 Alan Giles

Jones, Mick Back in the early 60's I was an apprentice fitter at Shireoaks colliery but I lived in the next village Rhodesaia. I used to get day release every week to attend the North Notts Technical college in Worksop. I used to get the bus , a No 5 East Midlands or a bus coming from Beighton, at Woodend Pub which was at the top of the village. I encountered Mick many times on the bus although I knew him already because I think his grandparents lived in Rhodesia. He was as far as I can remember also going to college.
31-08-20 Hedley Bunting

Jones, Mick Was in the next bed to him at the Hallamshire hospital when he had the sports shop ..a remarkable gentleman very down to earth ...Spent quite a while in the cigarette room talking to him about the game.
07-07-20 Malcolm knight

Jones, Mick Mick visited my shop in Halifax representing Sondico sports after his injury. I think I gave him one of his first orders and we became friends. On Thursday afternoons I coached him at my squash club and became a useful player. He was a gentleman and it would be great to catch up with him again after all this time.
12-12-19 Ron Downs

Jones, Mick Following Mick's injury, I met him when he represented Sondico Sports! He would visit my shop in Halifax and I played squash with him on Thursday afternoons. A lovely man. It would be lovely to catch up with him again.
06-07-19 Ron Downs

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