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Bobby Kellard

Bobby Kellard

Clubs played for: Southend United, Crystal Palace, Ipswich Town, Portsmouth, Bristol City, Leicester City, Crystal Palace, Portsmouth, Hereford United, Torquay United. (1959-1975).

Born: 1943

Birthplace: Edmonton, London

Position: Midfielder

Biography: In a nine club career than spanned fifteen years, Kellard played over 500 games and had two spells at Pompey. Originally signed as a winger, but it was as a battling midfielder that he will be remembered. His days in the league came to a close in 1975 and was signed by Jimmy Greaves to play for Chelmsford City. later ran a taxi business in Southend and then bought and sold antiques before moving to Spain.

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Kellard, Bobby Sommer of 1967 Bobby and I worked together at "Sunshine Holiday Camp"' on Hayling Island.
He was the "Pompey sports celebrity" ... , I was a complete nobody, some 5 years younger than him.
Bobby went out of his way to always give everyone around him a feeling of empowerment. He was such a straight forward, honest, down to earth, energy bundle, who would constantly speak his mind (no matter who he was dealing with) but always with all due respect. One day he suggested we take a spin around the island in his open-top sports car (Triumph). I told him I was busy (I was hoping to get a date with a girl that afternoon). A few days later I suggested we go for that ride. He immediately came back at me with: "Oh ok, so, you're not busy today?!" and looked me deep in the eye. I thought to myself: yeah, he's right, I shouldn't take people for granted. He saw right through me, chuckled, and said: "well, come on then let's go!" And off we went. He loved his wife, he loved his kids and he loved life (was the impression I got). After that summer we never met again but he remains to this day, 53 years later, a colourful inspiration to me. I'm sure to many others too. Thanks Bobby! I wish YOU all the very BEST ...!
(It'd be great to catch up again.
Since 1969 I live in Germany ... involved in dance and now with 2 beautiful granddaughters !)
30-11-20 Philip Melia

Kellard, Bobby I was his window cleaner in Southend's antique shop until I moved to Lincs in 2006. A great guy. Saw him play many times. Best bit was that we were both Spurs fans. Many a long hour spent talking about the 70s and 80s teams
04-10-20 Keith Hudson

Kenneth Wigley Played at chelmsford city with Bobby when he our player manager a fiery character on the pitch and a great guy

27-08-20 Ken buster wigley

Kellard, Bobby Bobby Kellard had a stroke last week and at this moment is in Southend on Sea Hospital. He is improving, Myself and Jenny Smith a friend of mine and Bobby plan to go and see Bobby early next week.
24-08-20 Gerry Davis

Kellard, Bobby A mate of mine...I only see him occasionally when he is selling his antiques, a lovely bloke and a PROPER footballer..still a hero.
21-08-20 Richard smith

Kellard, Bobby Had a few deals in Brick Lane with Bobby, really great bloke to know, loved a dodgy painting, boot of his car held many a treasure.
12-07-20 Ray DORAN

Kellard, Bobby Helped Bobby renovate his house when he first moved to Leicester City. Hope his doing well.

Kellard, Bobby Remember Bobby Kellard's great goal against Orient, in the FA cup at Palace. Off the bar a great game and a great beard! Thanks for a wonderful memory.

Kellard, Bobby Bobby helped train us when i played youth football with his son also Bobby at Tillingham FC (ESSEX)

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