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Andy Kowalski

Andy Kowalski

Clubs played for: Chesterfield, Doncaster Rovers, Peterborough United, Chesterfield. (1972-1986).




Biography: Coached at Doncaster before returning to Chesterfield where he is sales manager for a financial services company.

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Andy As a young lad at Mansfield Town, I marked Andy in a reserve game and what a great player he was. It was partly because of him I didn't pursue my own career at Mansfield as I had struggled to mark him. What I didn't know was that he was on the verge of first team football and what a player he would become. I gave up partly because of him even though I was quite highly rated at the time, so thanks Andy but seriously what a lovely bloke as I found out in later life. My own grandson Kian Sketchley now plays for Mansfield Reserves and is doing very well . The one thing I hope I get across to him is to always remember if he feels he is struggling to mark a player, is that he could be marking a star of the future and to believe in his own ability.

04-09-20 Les Kittle

Kowalski, Andy As a kid in the mid-seventies,Andy was a pitch hero to me and my mates.I especially remember the older fans calling him Coal House Key when he got the ball.Him and Ernie Moss were legends.Happy days..

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