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Everald La Ronde

Everald La Ronde

Clubs played for: West Ham United, Bournemouth, Peterborough United. (1981-1984)




Biography: He coached in Saudi Arabia and is a project manager for security at Canary Wharf.

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La Ronde, Everald I was at school with Everald from 5 until we went separate ways at secondary school. My brother was at school with his younger brother. Played many hours of football and cricket in Plashet Park
09-09-20 Derek Hopkins

La Ronde, Everald At Canary Wharf we worked together, and we use to meet up in the Bahamas. Hope you and your family are doing well brother.
21-04-20 Kola Jinadu

La Ronde, Everald I knew Ev when he was at West Ham, we were friends and we used to play squash at the old Wanstead Squash Club. Hope your doing well Ev, very fond memories. Sue

La Ronde, Everald I'm looking for your brother peter I worked with him in 1998/99 do you know if he is on Facebook?

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