Lund, Gary

Gary Lund

Gary Lund

Clubs played for: Grimsby Town, Lincoln City, Notts County, Hull City, Chesterfield. (1983-1997)




Biography: A striker who scored over 100 goals in his career is now managing director of Royston and Lund estate agents in West Bridgford, Nottingham.

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Lund, Gary Garry is my brother-in-law, he married my sister Judith,and have been happly married for 26 years, when i was younger i found to my delight Gary is scared of mice due to the fact he came round one day for my sister while i was playing with my two mice that i kept in my Dads shed i passed gary the mice, who as a small boy myself Gary was a strapping six + foot man and to my delight he ran away telling me not to be so stupid, for the next few years of my mices life, Gary was tormented every time he came around for Judith

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