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John Macphail

John Macphail

Clubs played for: Dundee, Sheffield United, York City, Bristol City, Sunderland, Hartlepool United (1975-1994)

Born: 1956

Birthplace: Dundee, Scotland

Position: Defender

Biography: Managed Hartlepool but is now a car salesman in Darlington.

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Macphail, John So sad to hear about John hopefully he will come out of his coma.
I was at school with John, Kirkton High In Dundee. John was tall and well built for his age. He used to stride through the corridors of the school and of course the girls loved him
22-05-22 Eddie Lawson

Macphail, John Sadly John fell at Christmas 2021 and has been in a coma ever since. Prayers are with John and his family
19-05-22 Stew

Macphail, John Forget all of the above career history for 'Big' John McPhail he was a Legend at my club and his home town 'Dundee' long before the Blades. I can still see the huge curly mop and moustache typically 70's great leader and kept his best performances for Celtic & Rangers games. Think he was an own goal legend too ha ha. Regards Thomas Wallace-Thomson

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