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Rodney Marsh

Rodney Marsh

Clubs played for: West Ham United, Fulham, QPR, Manchester City, Cork Hibernians, Tampa Bay Rowdies, Tampa Bay Rowdies (indoor) (1959-1987)

Born: 1945

Birthplace: Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Position: Forward

Biography: One of the most entertaining players to have taken to a football pitch Became General manager of Tampa Bay Rowdies in Florida for eleven years. Is now a successful pundit and runs a Florida property company The Marsh Group with his son.

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Marsh, Rodney Hi do you remember playing in goal for Fulham 1963 ish, I think Tony Macedo broke his jaw?
And then circus came to town ie you & Bestie GREAT TIMES
29-06-23 Will Woods

Marsh, Rodney Remember him when he was playing with Rowdies on full stadium and sometimes being very comical on the field . In many occasions after dribbling opponents he would just stop and sit on the ball waiting to be challenged. The most loved player back then at Rowdies.
14-01-23 Nick

Marsh, Rodney I have watched QPR since 1967. Rodney was the most skillful English player I have ever seen. Favourite stunts reading a paper instead of taking the corner. Beating the same player twice and walking out at the start bouncing the ball off alternate shoulders and keeping it up. He was fantastic.
23-12-22 Andy Dunstan

Marsh, Rodney Great event, Rodney and George Best Playing for Fulham, an exhibition of great football and skill between the two. Every spectator adored the laughter and friendship displayed that day.
29-11-22 Ben power

Marsh, Rodney I was an apprentice footballer when Rodney played for City ...what a player he was and what a team they had then.....fantastic player Rod.
17-02-22 Gary Blackledge

Marsh, Rodney Not only one of the most skillful players I have ever had the pleasure to watch but one of the funniest guys I have ever had the pleasure to be in the company of. Just wish I could meet him again. I am a lifelong rssss fan and was at the 67 cup final.
You rssssssssssss
24-12-21 Des Murphy

Marsh, Rodney What Secondary School did Rodney Marsh attend as currently doing some research? Thanks.
01-12-21 Raymond Perren

Marsh, Rodney Watched Rodney at QPR what a player and so exciting to watch. They talk about divers in the game today, they don’t have a path on him as he was the king of divers and I’ve not seen anybody in the modern game come close to him.
12-07-21 Peter Lucky

Rod Stood next to Rod when the Headmaster (the frightening J R Hardis) said to him "you'll never make a living as a Professional Footballer". Nearly right then!
07-09-20 John Brace (now John MASSMANN)

Marsh, Rodney My brother played for Hackney school boys with Rodney plus Chopper Harris at left back and on one program with Alan Clarke(sniffer) as the forward for the opposition. Memory of Rodney arriving late at my brothers wedding or engagement party as he had played for Fulham against Liverpool by 11pm he was asleep on my bed pi... er drunk. Happy days. I am 10 years younger than Rodney.
29-08-20 Roy Roberts

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