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Paul Mason

Paul Mason

Clubs played for: FC Groningen, Aberdeen, Ipswich Town, Woodbridge Town (1984-2000)




Biography: Mason now lives in Southport and runs a guest house with his three children.

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Mason, Paul Aye, I remember so many great days where Paul was just lethal. He will always be a great Red and all round top lad. He's worthy of his place in Aberdeen legendary players list. Kept it simple low and hard, pick that oot! Epic red!
30-01-22 Aipple

Mason, Paul Fantastic player for Ipswich Town, very underrated. Worked hard and his technical ability was great, his only downfall was a terrible lack of pace. If he only had average pace he would of played for a top Premier league club, I have no doubt.
22-04-21 Steve Prentice

Mason, Paul Played with Paul right through secondary school and for Liverpool school boys . Paul stood head and shoulders above everyone on the school circuit I think in one season he scored I’ve 100 goals ,in his later schoolboy games the thing about his size came up but I don’t know what it was all about cos he still run rings around everyone He was a great lad on and off the pitch and a good friend during our time at the Liverpool Collegiate
03-11-20 Terry Fitzsimmons

Mason, Paul The man was a legend at Aberdeen especially with the fans. Great player, popped up from nowhere but always put in a shift whenever he turned out for us. Very handy in and around to box too. As said below, he has never been replaced. On one of many memorable AFC moments from 'Scouse', I remember him sliding in on his arse, right along the six yard box to celebrate with all the naughty boys packed in behind the away goal after Jim Bett had equalized for us in a 2-2- draw v's the huns at the Bronx (late 80's I think and after being 2-0 down). I'll never forget that, he had an afinity with the lads who adored him. Straight to us, what a boy! Cheers for the memories (I think Im allowed to say that I speak on behalf of all ex ASC who attended during that heady period).

Mason, Paul Paul was a great player for Aberdeen. He was a hard working attacking midfielder who scored regularly and was hugely popular with the fans. It was no co incidence that Aberdeen went downhill after he left and to date nobody has replaced him. Badly missed but left us with great memories. Stand free

Mason, Paul Great to see a scouser do so well in football - the long way round. Underrated footballer who couldn't have hindered Graeme Taylor's England side, IMO...

MASON, Paul What I love about Paul is that we share the same name - one day i'll stay in his guest house!! Chin Up Paul.
Also Paul Mason

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