May, Larry

Larry May

Larry May

Clubs played for: Leicester City, Barnsley, Sheffield Wednesday, Brighton (1976-1988).




Biography: A youth coach at Brighton and Portsmouth, was a PE teacher in a special needs school, then became football development officer for Crawley Council before becoming coaching development manager for the Surrey FA is now football development manager for Brighton.

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May, Larry Larry May was in the 3rd Sutton Boys Brigade. I was six years older and Larry was very small. He used to play in goal so I was very shocked to see how big he grew. Very glad for the lad that he had a good career.
16-04-21 Stephen Owens

May, Larry I not sure what the last persons comment are about, I worked with Larry on a number of times on sport development initiative in Sussex and Surrey and he was nothing but brilliant.
19-02-21 Nik Frances

May, Larry Many years ago I trained as a nurse at East Birmingham Hospital, you married a friend of mine Sue Wells . I was then Gwen Pountney Regards Gwen
16-08-20 gwen sheehy

May, Larry Always remember his warm moves arms and shoulders 😂😂 wonder if he still does it lol
12-08-20 Ashley Cleaver

May, Larry I used to attend the same school as Larry - Boldmere High School and played football with him before he joined Leicester city at 16.
09-08-19 Vince walker

May, Larry Are used to go to the school that Larry May was supposedly PE teacher, how do I put it politely, he was only there because he was good friends with the head of PE And spent most of the lessons running back and forth between the sports shed and the head of PE

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