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Derek McLean

Derek McLean

Clubs played for: Middlesbrough, Hartlepool United (1955-1963).




Biography: Spent many years working for Middlesbrough Council Planning department.

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McLean, Derek I wanted to know whether Derek was still fit and well? He was very generous with his time some years ago when we were working on the refurbishment of a pub in Middleborough. A very interesting man and a true legend! I do hope he still enjoying life.
16-02-19 Russell Brazier

McLEAN, Derek Derek was a bricklayer for Alan Walker of Brotton later on in life. I was a joiner we had some fun. He used to show me a few ball tricks as I was an ex player myself. I took up golf and Derek said bring a golf club and balls to work. I said I can hit that field over there and did. Then, a man called Harry. Bawears said “if he can hit it that far I can it it another 100 yards further”. He mis-hit the ball completely with his first go and it went straight through a double pane of glass 7 feet by 4 feet! It was the house that we are working on so it was lucky that the owner was away on holiday. Me and Derek still have a laugh when I see him in the bookmakers at Brotton. Love the man

29-10-18 Jeff Magor

McLean, Derek Proud to be his grandaughter. True gentleman and great family man.

McLean, Derek My great uncle. Top player. Lovely bloke.

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