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Peter McParland

Peter McParland

Clubs played for: Dundalk, Aston Villa, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Plymouth Argyle, Worcester City, Toronto Inter-Roma, Peterborough United, Worcester City, Atlanta Chiefs, Glentoran (1951-1971)

Born: 1934

Birthplace: Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland

Position: Striker

Biography: One of Aston Villa's greatest post-war goalscorers, managed Glentoran and Bournemouth before working in Cyprus, Kuwait, and Hong Kong from also had interest in a property company ran with his son, Now retired and living in Bournemouth.

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McParland, Peter My dad was from Northern Ireland. Derry, and I was born in 1946, and as Villa supporters Peter was my Hero, twice when going to 10-o-clock mass at Corpus Christi in stechford Birmingham ( my school also ) he was standing outside talking to the priest, such a thrill to be that close to my Hero. Now at 77 I can still remember seeing him flying down the wing. Great player.

06-07-23 Roger Deeney

McParland, Peter I remember watching Peter play in the 57 cup final. I have been a fan of his since then. Great player.
11-04-22 William Lamb

McParland, Peter I had a mixed view on Peter as I was a life long West Brom Supporter. He was one of my favourite all time players after his wonderful 5 goals in the World Cup in Sweden helped N. Ireland to reach the W Finals. He also helped knock West Brom out of the cup one year when I was on a promise to go over from Belfast for the final. I had the great honour to invite him to my flat for dinner one evening After meeting him when he was coaching in Hong Kong. He and his wife were great company and he was a real gentleman . I hope he is still in good health living in Bournemouth .
24-08-20 Alan Railton

McParland, Peter My mother,nee Mary(Maisie) Henderson knew the family back in Newry. My Dad was a Villan so seeing Peter as a Villa legend made Mom very proud although Mom knew as much about Football as l do about nuclear physics. Keep going Supermac.
12-07-20 John Healy

McParland, Peter I lived in an apartment above Peters apartment in Kawait back in the mid 1970's and used to run into him. He once complained about the banging I made one night when making beer and having to bash caps onto full bottles, all a bit primitive I know but I got on well with him. One of my co-workers remarked he had never seen anybody with such muscular legs as Peter, 'they were like Calor Gas Bottles !!

McParland, Peter As a kid, I used to spend my school holidays watching the team train, then wait outside for them to appear after showering. Peter would always sign autographs for the fans, and always had a smile on his face. I have vivid memories of him marauding down the left wing, cutting in, and unleashing a thunderous shot into the net. a great character, exciting to watch. Great memories. Thanks Peter.

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