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Peter Mellor

Peter Mellor

Clubs played for: Burnley, Chesterfield , Fulham, Hereford United, Portsmouth, Edmonton Drillers (1967-1982)

Born: 1947

Birthplace: Czechoslovakia

Position: Goalkeeper

Biography: A 20 year career was brought to a close at Fratton Park where he enjoyed popularity and success between the sticks. He had previously played for Fulham, including their 1975 FA Cup final defeat at the hands of West Ham. Mellor was at Hereford United when Jimmy Dickinson identified that his experience and bubbly personality was just what the club needed. He ended his career in America, where he now lives and coaches. He had moved over to the States in 1980 where he has also sold fireplaces, maintained gardens and swimming pools. Has been a staff coach with the United States Soccer Federation since 1992 and in February 2010 was appointed United Soccer Leagues National Technical Director. Player of the season in 1979.

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Mellor, Peter Great friends with Peter and his wife when he was with Portsmouth. Visited them a few times when they were in Tampa. Lost touch with them when they moved down to the Keys. Would love to get in touch with them again. Any help with an email address or phone number would be great.
21-10-22 Peter Cole

Mellor, Peter Peter visited the Sun Spot Utd training evening in Nelson in the early 70’s while playing for Burnley. I was only 13/14 and star struck. We all dashed around thinking he might put a word in for us at Turf Moor.
07-09-22 Ian P

Mellor, Peter I was at a sporting dinner at Ealing in the mid 70s attended by a number of Fulham players and I found myself sharing a table with Peter. He was great company and told a number of amusing anecdotes including one about the FA Cup final against West Ham, where he conceded two goals including one through his legs. After the game in the dressing room he said ‘Sorry lads I should have kept my legs shut’. Someone on the other side if the room said ‘So should your ******* mother!’
30-01-22 Mike Gicquel

Mellor, Peter I lived on Landcross Rd in Fallowfield and played football in Platt Fields park. Also my dad and brothers cleaned the windows around Fallowfield.
29-12-21 Mike Sheridan

Mellor, Peter I doubt whether you will remember this played with you at Maidenhead in a charity match with Peter Osgood you played up front and scored six goals well done Peter

Peter I worked at an insurance brokers with Peter when he played on a part time basis for Witton Albion , he would also occasionally turn out on a sunday but as he was a goalkeeper it was on the proviso that he did not go in goal . He was super fit and as a centre forward scored 67 goals in about 10 games. One of his best friends was Chris Nichol who played for Southampton and Northwich Victoria .He also captained Ireland . Peter was was and i am sure still is a lovely man.

24-08-20 Len Taylor

Mellor Back in about 1980, when I was 15, me and a pal were 50p short of match entry which, at the time, was £1.60 each. I saw Peter Mellor walking to Fratton Park, so approached him, paid a weak compliment, and asked him to ‘loan’ me 50p. He didn’t have any change but asked me to walk to the shop in Frogmore Road with him, where he bought some sweets and gave me the 50p.

When I got home and told my Dad, he made me write a thank you letter with 50p sellotaped to it, which I did.

Wouldn’t happen these days sadly but a great memory.

25-07-20 Rob Rudling

Mellor, Peter You coached me at bollittery now IMG in 1997/98 as goalkeeper. I always tell my folks about you as a wonderful coach and showed me a lot about goalkeeping and skills that are involved. Using this opportunity to thank you and wish you all the best life can give. You can reach me @7138244921 and I'm married now with kids and have a job but not sports related.
10-03-20 Christian Anowey

Mellor, Peter I used to play football with him in Platt Fields Park. I lived on Mabfield Road and Peter lived I think on Furness Road Fallowfield.
16-08-19 Geoff Featherston

Mellor, Peter Iv been told he is my cousin , my dad was from glossop Derbyshire England

MELLOR, Peter He is married to my ex husband's niece. I actually went to his wedding and my daughter was a bridesmaid.

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